Flextronics uses Sacramento data center to help support IT solutions  

Together with Flextronics, we’re keeping the electronics supply chain running smoothly. Flextronics is a global leader in end-to-end supply chain solutions, including electronics manufacturing services. The company produces electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers in many industries, including aviation, automotive, security, defense, medical, high-tech and consumer electronics. They needed a data center provider that could help them host their global IT infrastructure that was in close proximity to their San Jose offices, had fully redundant power and cooling, and was a cost-effective option with carrier-neutral network connectivity. 


As Flextronics evolved and grew worldwide, they acquired new facilities and assets. The growth prompted them to look for a data center provider to host their critical IT infrastructure.

Flextronics needed a data center provider with a reliable power infrastructure and redundancy to guarantee 100% uptime of their IT systems. They also needed a provider who offered top-level data center security to protect their critical data and connectivity so that their global locations, customers, and suppliers could reliably access applications within the central IT footprint.

Those applications include Flextronics’ Enterprise Resource Planning system and FlexCloud, a private cloud used by their factories and offices across the globe as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform. Their global expansion made these centralized applications even more important to worldwide daily operations.

Why Sacramento

Reliability: That includes 2N+2 power redundancy, top-notch security and compliance.

Flexibility: We could provide them with fast, low-latency carrier-neutral network connectivity.

Foundation for growth: All these solutions were cost effective and helped fuel Flextronics’ global growth.

‘We are very happy. The resiliency of their facility ensures that our servers and applications are available 24/7 to all of Flextronics’ worldwide locations.’
Ken Tolland, Vice President of Global Shared IT Operations , Flextronics


Flextronics was the first company to move their IT infrastructure into our Sacramento data center. Redundancy, resiliency and maintaining consistent service to their expanding global business were their primary considerations when choosing a data center partner.

They selected our Sacramento data center location because we could provide close proximity to their San Jose offices, fully redundant power and cooling, 100% guaranteed uptime and multi-level security — 24/7, and cost-effective, reliable, carrier-neutral network connectivity.


Electrical services

Flextronics was able to avert disaster and stay online during the rolling blackouts caused by California’s 2002 energy crisis thanks to our patented, multi-point electrical architecture, featuring 2N+2 redundancy.

Support services

They’ve been able to scale and grow efficiently and reliably thanks to proactive service and support from their dedicated account team. Access to high-capacity power also means they can bring new servers online without any service interruptions.

Security services

Flextronics can continue mission-critical activities with confidence because our data centers carry HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, SSAE 16 and other certifications in addition to multiple security layers. Security features include on-site, in-house security staff, high-resolution surveillance cameras and intrusion detection and alarm monitoring throughout the facility.

Network connectivity

They can provide cost-effective, 24/7 global access to their mission-critical applications thanks to cost-effective, carrier-neutral network connectivity.