Tackling CX business challenges for EBTS Pro Assist with new communication platform

Together with EBTS Pro Assist, we’re keeping drivers moving. EBTS Pro Assist was looking for a new reliable, future-proof and easy-to-use contact center solution for the current digital and mobile era. But perhaps more importantly, the solution needed to help get lorry drivers back on the road faster, optimize the assistance operator processes and workloads, and contain all the right tools to drive EBTS Pro Assist’s international growth plans. Working together with us they migrated their existing tools and integrated them into a single cloud-based Genesys contact center platform. With the new platform, they were able to ensure a smooth transition and automate recurring processes. Customers are now served faster and more effectively, and the company has a more efficient IT environment to support and drive their growth plans.

Fast, accurate client assistance is essential

EBTS Pro Assist has grown into a major European player with branches in Belgium, France, Germany and Spain and more recent expansion to Macedonia, Poland and Moldova. Until recently, providing telephonic support used to be complex and highly decentralized, with countless operators and telephone lines. Add to that EBTS Pro Assist also works with a vast range of external partners, including component manufacturers and related service providers.

To be able to deliver an exceptional service these partners need to be able to communicate seamlessly with EBTS Pro Assist at all times. The requirement was clear: a new platform needed to be centralized, open and scalable.

Since telecommunications is at the heart of EBTS Pro Assist’s business, they also had to look for a solution that would enable their services to be available 24/7. As part of their innovation strategy, the new platform needed to contribute to greater ease of use for both customers and end users. They needed to be able to communicate with EBTS Pro Assist with a minimum of extra hardware or software, including via smartphones or social media.

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Which services?

Technology Infrastructure Services, Professional Services, Telecom Operator Services

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Which technologies?

Genesys Cloud

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‘Should another situation like COVID-19 arise, this implementation will allow us to switch to teleworking almost immediately. Or in the event of extremely high call volumes, we could ask staff to log in and help out from home.’
Frank Van Parijs , Managing Director, EBTS Pro Assist

Building a reliable base for international growth

EBTS Pro Assist opted for an all-in-one Genesys Cloud solution. This cloud platform for contact centers is an open, scalable and centralized solution, which allows the company to accommodate the growth needed to meet their international expansion ambitions. To enable the transition to Genesys Cloud a solid partner, with sufficient experience in executing these projects and in managing digital communication platforms, was needed.

Following a series of workshops, they selected us to build the solution, ensure business continuity and help EBTS Pro Assist meet their new challenges in digital communication.

The collaboration doesn’t end after the migration and centralization project. It’s a true partnership, working together to automate tasks and continuously improve their services.

This partnership works towards a common goal: assisting a lorry driver with a breakdown as quickly as possible and getting them back on the road.

EBTS Pro Assist contact center ready for the future

With the migration to an open, integrated and fully connected Genesys cloud platform, EBTS Pro Assist are prepared for their many future challenges, international expansion and assisting mobile users in an increasingly connected world.

More efficient processes

EBTS’s services have improved since the implementation of the Genesys cloud platform. More problems are solved after the first contact, boosting customer satisfaction. An efficient communication process leads to less time wasted for their customers.

Intuitive in use

In the near future, lorry drivers will be able to exchange information with EBTS Pro Assist via channels such as WhatsApp. These interactions could include, forwarding photos of damage or sharing their exact location based on geolocation technology.

IoT integration for higher efficiency

Today a lot of lorries and trailers are connected and equipped with an ‘IoT lorry device’, continuously measuring various parameters with smart sensors. They are now able to use the Genesys Cloud solution to automate this process.

Remote assistance, even in times of lockdown

Because the solution is fully cloud-based, it’s less important where EBTS Pro Assist’s contact center agents are located. They now have access to the centrally stored data and functionality from home, or any other location, which proved its value during the COVID-19 pandemic.