Creating a scalable, agile network for Alcatel Lucent Enterprise

One of the world’s leading tech providers and system integrators, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE), required a reliable solution to keep their 830,000 global customers connected. To stay relevant in today’s digital world, they wanted a solution to support their cloud ambitions. It had to work in all 50 locations the telecoms giant operates in, including the complex regulatory environments of China and Russia.

Why Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise needed to upgrade their network

Operating a global enterprise in 50 countries required a level of reliability a traditional MPLS network couldn’t provide. ALE needed a more cost-effective way to connect their global locations, and customers.

They experienced high congestion and latency on their network, especially when using internet-based apps. All WAN traffic was routed through the same data center in France, which created massive network congestion and performance issues.

ALE required a more practical way to connect their 2,200 employees. A solution secure and robust enough to support their transformation ambitions. It had to be scalable to underpin the growing company, allowing new locations to be added to the network with ease. To offer value to clients, ALE needed to leverage the power of cloud environments. An important pre-requisite to their network refresh was cloud-ready WAN.

With operations in China and Russia, any network solution also needed to be flexible enough to comply with the unique regulatory environments of both countries.

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Which services?

Managed Services

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Which technologies?

SD-WAN, Intelligent Infrastructure

In an ever-changing digital world, we need enterprise-grade networking and security technology to let us capitalize on business efficiencies. The SD-WAN helps us connect our users in the most cost-effective way. Together with the managed services, we can focus on enabling our broader business strategy.

How a refreshed network revolutionized customer service

As a customer-centric business, ALE constantly seeks to improve customer service. They saw an opportunity to refresh their network, creating a future roadmap to cloud. As implementing cloud-based solutions is part of their long-term business strategy, leveraging SD-WAN, and moving away from MPLS was vital.

ALE’s new SD-WAN network improved bandwidth consumption, and the performance of their internet-based applications. The secure solution uses a dynamic routing policy, to provide constant optimal performance.

The SD-WAN solution is supported by our Global Delivery Centre, which procures, deploys, and manages this under an as-a-service model. This means any issues are resolved quickly, with minimal network downtime.

Guaranteeing the smooth running of ALE’s network was not only fundamental to delivering world-class customer service, but pivotal to the adoption of cloud solutions.

What a flexible network means for customer service

The next-generation, cloud-ready SD-WAN network delivers optimal bandwidth for ALE, giving the best possible service to customers. Branches experience increased uptime, and business-critical apps run smoothly – allowing employees to deliver better customer service.

Performance improvement wasn’t the only benefit experienced by the ALE. They optimized costs, and enabled the adoption of cloud solutions and services – all through a secure network to support their business goals. ALE also had complete visibility of their entire network through an integrated portal and real time reporting.

Knowing their network needs were taken care of, supported, and future-proofed, ALE’s team now focus on innovation – creating future value for the organization in the process.

New products can now be rolled out to further support employees, and most importantly, customers.