2 June 2023

Sports Technology startup TwinLabs.ai spun out of NTT

Tech providers behind Tour de France launch as standalone company to focus on driving innovation in cycling and sports tech

London, UK – June 2nd 2023NTT Ltd., a leading IT infrastructure and services company, today announced the launch of TwinLabs.ai, an exciting new technology startup focusing on cycling and sports.

During its multi-year sponsorship of Tour de France, NTT has developed solutions for both the Tour de France and Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift to assist organizers, media partners, and fans in engaging with the global sporting events.

The creation of TwinLabs.ai provides the opportunity to develop a highly agile and focused startup, enabling ongoing innovation and development of solutions for the cycling and broader sports and events industry. TwinLabs.ai will further develop market-leading technology solutions and commercialize the real-time tracking and digital twin technology for cycling and other events.

NTT will maintain its partnership with TwinLabs.ai to provide ongoing seamless support for the Tour de France and Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift, including for the 2023 races.

By creating a standalone business, TwinLabs.ai will be able to focus on the domain expertise and agility required to service this specialist area and refine expertise in key technological areas. This enhanced focus will enable TwinLabs.ai to deliver even more advanced solutions, improving the value it brings to partnerships and to the wider market.

TwinLabs.ai will be led by CEO, Peter Gray, CTO Tim Wade, and CPO Rob Webster, the team responsible for designing and delivering NTT’s technology solutions at the Tour de France since 2015. The team will continue to deliver the NTT technology program at the Tour de France and Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift, as well as partnering with NTT to develop other joint projects.

This underscores NTT’s commitment to its partnerships, particularly its ongoing technology partnership with the A.S.O.

“The creation of TwinLabs.ai demonstrates NTT’s commitment to innovation, and flexibility to adapt to the dynamic technology landscape, from industry leading Research and Development, to dedicated innovation centers, venture capital funding, and partnering with leading innovators and startups,” said Shahid Ahmed, EVP New Ventures & Innovation, NTT Ltd. “Our ties with TwinLabs.ai mean that we will continue to provide developments and solutions for Tour de France and Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift and, at the same time, enable further innovation in this growing market of real-time data solutions for sports and event management.”  

“We are excited about the opportunity to bring the solutions we have developed for the Tour de France and make this technology more broadly accessible to other events. We know that the best sports organizations are increasingly using data to create great experiences for fans, support athlete performance, and manage complex event operations. TwinLabs.ai has been created to help them do that,” said Peter Gray, CEO, TwinLabs.ai


About NTT Ltd.

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About TwinLabs.ai

TwinLabs.ai is an innovative sport technology startup that has been spun out of NTT to develop market leading solutions for sports and events, building on the expertise and solutions developed through NTT’s partnership with the Tour de France.

We make real time digital twin solutions easy for sports and events. You can find us at TwinLabs.ai

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