13 May 2024

NZ Campus of Innovation and Sport and NTT DATA to jointly drive Smart Sports Business Innovation


Wellington, Tokyo, May 13, 2024 - The New Zealand Campus of Innovation and Sport (NZCIS), a leading hub for sports innovation and research, and NTT DATA, a global digital business and IT services leader, have entered a strategic technology partnership to leverage technologies and create new value propositions for NZCIS's sports and accommodation facilities. The partnership will realize the full potential of data-driven insights and innovation in the sports industry through joint activities and proof-of-concept projects.


This collaboration brings together NZCIS's world-class facilities and connections with New Zealand's sporting landscape and NTT DATA's advanced technology assets. The partnership seeks to expand data collection in sports, training, and all related fields and explore opportunities for data monetization through innovative solutions.


NTT DATA is part of the Japanese conglomerate NTT Group, one of the world’s largest and most respected brands. Building on NTT Group's extensive experience in the sports industry, including projects with the Tour de France, NTT INDYCAR SERIES, Major League Baseball, and The Open Championship, NTT Group has a history of creating new value propositions in the sports industry through various initiatives. Also, through its collaboration with NZCIS, NTT Group has combined biometric and performance data with athlete profiles to improve training efficiency and provide new experiences for athletes and fans.


Through this partnership, both NZCIS and NTT DATA aim to contribute to the continued development of NZCIS, promote growth within the New Zealand sports industry, and contribute to the development of society. This will be achieved by exploring innovative solutions across a range of areas including:

  1. Solution Development

Utilize cutting-edge technologies such as Digital Human, generative AI, metaverse to improve the customer experience inside and outside the NZCIS facility, and data analysis considering security with using attribute-based encryption.

  1. Business Creation

By utilizing Web 3.0 technologies such as blockchain and NFT, create a new community involving all stakeholders including sports teams, fans, sports organizations, associations, and media, and create new business and revitalize the sports industry through analysis of data obtained from these communities.

  1. R&D Collaborations 

Utilize NTT Group's research and development capabilities in state-of-the-art research including genetic engineering, brain science, and generative AI aiming to evolve future sports-related industries.

  1. Marketing Collaboration

Explore effective and comprehensive marketing cooperation, including consideration of joint investment in promising sports businesses and potential synergies with sports teams under NTT.


NZCIS and NTT DATA aim to leverage this partnership to become pioneers in smart sports innovation. Through collaboration between both companies, we aim to set a new standard in data-driven value creation and contribute to a brighter and more engaging future for the sports industry.


“NTT DATA has partnered with NZCIS to accelerate co-creation of new business in the sports industry leveraging cutting edge digital technologies. By closely working with NZCIS, we will jointly justify outcomes from joint solution development and joint business creation. I believe this partnership will lead digital business innovation and development of the sports industry," said NTT DATA, Inc. Executive Vice President, Noriyuki Kaya.


Speaking on behalf of Kevin Melville, Malcolm Gillies NZCIS Co-Owner said, “We are extremely excited to see this investment in technology reach the next stage in its evolution. With the support of the NTT Group, it is not only enabling NZCIS to be a leader in the use of technology in sport, but it extends beyond that to our accommodation, food, and beverage offerings to pursue the vision of a Smart Campus. We see this as a new era also for the foundation member sports teams at NZCIS, who can benefit from the innovation, research, and development, both in terms of performance but also, we hope in exploring new commercial opportunities”.



The New Zealand Campus of Innovation and Sport, formally the Central Institute of Technology, is located 30min north of Wellington. The campus has undergone a major renovation and new build across the 17ha site, bringing together sport, commercial, conferencing, food, and beverage into a one stop shop. The campus is home to the men’s and women’s teams from the Wellington Phoenix Football Club, Hurricanes Rugby Union and Wellington Rugby Union. NZCIS offers training for National and International teams, as well as offering specialized services to the wider community in a World Class performance environment. The campus will boast over 450 beds of accommodation and dining for that same number in anyone sitting. Add to that 4 stadium quality fields, hydrotherapy pools, cryotherapy, 1000m2 strength room, altitude cycling studio and a massive 70x50m indoor field ... making it the perfect place to learn, train, eat, sleep, recover, relax, and repeat.



NTT DATA is a $30+ billion trusted global innovator of business and technology services. We serve 75% of the Fortune Global 100 and are committed to helping clients innovate, optimize and transform for long-term success. We invest over $3.6 billion each year in R&D to help organizations and society move confidently and sustainably into the digital future. As a Global Top Employer, we have diverse experts in more than 50 countries and a robust partner ecosystem of established and start-up companies. Our services include business and technology consulting, data and artificial intelligence, industry solutions, as well as the development, implementation and management of applications, infrastructure, and connectivity. We are also one of the leading providers of digital and AI infrastructure in the world. NTT DATA is part of NTT Group and headquartered in Tokyo. Visit us at nttdata.com




Akira Taji, Yujiro Ibori