14 October 2020

NTT showcases smart stadium app and ultra reality viewing of live professional baseball game in Taiwan

Using NTT’s ultra reality viewing technology to transmit a real-time game at Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium to audiences at remote site Singapore – 14 October 2020NTT Ltd., a world-leading global technology services provider, joined hands with the Taoyuan City Government and the Rakuten Monkeys on 9 October 2020, to showcase the first immersive and interactive game experience in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Leveraging NTT’s ultra reality viewing technology1, audiences at the Taimall Shopping Center Plaza were able to enjoy the live game at the Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium, as if they were sitting inside the stadium and watching the game by themselves.

Cheng Wen-tsan, Mayor of the Taoyuan City, witnessed this historical moment in the showcase center at the Taimall Shopping Center Plaza. He said, 'Last June, the Monkeys Team signed a MOU with NTT. The purpose of the MOU is to transform the Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium, the home ground of the Monkeys Professional Baseball Team, into a smart stadium. I am very happy to see the progress of the MOU after a year. As a world-renowned technology group, NTT brings its own exclusive smart technology into Taiwan, which not only allows the seeds of sports to root in Taiwan, but also helps Taiwan’s baseball sports to step out of Taiwan and to be seen by the world.'

NTT Ltd. along with its parent company NTT Group spend more than USD 3.6 billion annually on the research and development of innovative technology. With the commitment of using technology to realize a smart world, NTT has been developing various smart solutions to improve fan experience around the world.

Frank Liao, CEO, Taiwan for NTT Ltd. said, “In October 2019, NTT successfully conducted the first ultra reality viewing game experience in the US2 With the support of NTT Group, NTT. Taiwan team is able to introduce this exclusive technology into Taiwan. We installed equipment for shooting and video processing at the Taoyuan Stadium to transmit high-definition images (12K wide) from the game scene to an ultra-wide screen at the remote site in real-time. The ultra-wide screen together with surrounding sound system creates a sensation that the remote viewers are watching the game from the seats of the Taoyuan Stadium and could feel the passionate atmosphere of the game without distance."

Liao further pointed out, "The development of smart technology is gradually becoming mature. After 5G is on the road, technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) can further enrich our daily lives and entertainment experience. Especially under the impact of the pandemic this year, most sports and entertainment activities could no longer gather thousands of audiences as before. With the help of technology, we could prevent the possible spread of pandemic and enable audiences to interact and enjoy the games or shows in a safe and secure condition.”

With the support from Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), NTT in Taiwan is now developing a new interactive mobile application for the Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium to enhance fans’ game viewing experience. With the mobile application, fans can buy tickets, order food and beverages, check game schedules or scores and play interactive games all on their mobile phones. Future updates for the application will include promotion of local travel, accommodation, food and transportation among others. People who visit Taoyuan City will experience a more convenient smart life, which in turn creates a co-prosperity ecosystem for the development of local entertainment activities and travel businesses.

In the showcase center, NTT successfully delivered its exclusive ultra reality viewing technology with the technical support from FarEasTone Telecom and Panasonic Taiwan. In addition, NTT's global technology partners, including Cisco, Check Point, Dell Technologies and F5 Networks, also presented at the showcase event to demonstrate the infinite possibilities of smart technologies. These technology players come together to do great things in the hope to bring the well-being for people and communities.

1 NTT’s real-time super high-definition surround video technology that is based on super-wide 12K camera and synchronous transmission protocol which we call Advanced-MMT. This is a proven solution based on NTT’s unique R&D technology.

2 https://www.ntt.co.jp/news2019/1910e/191008a.html


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