1 July 2020

NTT in Belgium introduces new "Social Distancing" solutions

Face detection and intelligent booking system make return to the office easier.

Diegem, Belgium – 1 July 2020 – NTT Ltd. in Belgium, a leading global technology services company, today announced the arrival of two new technological solutions in its catalog, specifically developed to facilitate a smooth return to the office. Now that the most restrictive containment measures are behind us, companies are trying to ensure that their office spaces are sufficiently adapted to the new, secure, collaborative context.

Leave the bulk of the work to smart cameras

Who says intelligent surveillance cameras immediately think of facial recognition. However, its anonymous variant, face detection, is an excellent alternative solution to generate social distancing in an automated manner, after the necessary consent of the employees. The system detects the presence of a face in its field of vision but does not associate any identity with it. Smart cameras, fully integrated into a single Cisco Meraki ecosystem of network devices and systems, do the job perfectly. The cameras are equipped with V-app software from the Italian company Bizmate.

"Combining innovative hardware and software makes it possible to measure the distance separating people" says Pierre Dumont, Country Managing Director for NTT Ltd. Belgium. "It is more about awareness than punishment: the camera reveals the places and the frequency with which colleagues find themselves too close to each other every day. There is therefore no need to carry out active monitoring, although this is obviously possible. It is also possible to associate a distance violation with an alert and send notifications by email, SMS or via a screen."

This kind of smart camera can be used for many other things. In addition to detecting faces, the camera can also identify masks, for example, or the movements and direction of humans. The camera can thus signal a person who is not wearing a mask or who is moving against the current with respect to the intended direction of traffic. The people counting function of the cameras can also be useful: we can thus know the number of people who are in a building at any time of the day. Finally, the cameras can also be used as surveillance cameras after the offices are closed.

Easily book office space

Anyone who shows up at the office today and is surprised to find that all the spaces within the correct distance are already occupied clearly has a problem. This is why NTT is launching a new platform today to reserve office space. It becomes possible to reserve a place from your home, enough to be sure to have your own space on the following day(s). The system, coupled with the badge, knows whether or not you are present and can therefore free the space again for the benefit of another person. This also allows the cleaning team to be informed daily about the places to be disinfected.

Pierre Dumont: "In a very short time, we have successfully implemented a system adapted to the new way of working and we have already successfully deployed it for nearly 200 of our own employees in Belgium. With all the possibilities that technology offers today, it would make little sense to use manual, labor-intensive processes to monitor compliance with these social distancing rules."

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