3 September 2020

NTT honoured with two awards at Singapore Business Review International Business Awards 2020

The company was lauded for using technology for good to build a modernized omnichannel CX platform and a hyperconnected healthcare system for their clients Singapore – 3 September 2020 – NTT Ltd., a leading global technology services company, today announced that it has received two awards at the Singapore Business Review (SBR) International Business Awards 2020 for IT Services – Omnichannel Customer Experience, and Technology. SBR announced the winners via a series of virtual award presentation that took place in the second to third week of August.

Awarded to international businesses based in Singapore, the SBR International Business Awards is designed to honor the most outstanding projects and innovative best practices. Having participated and won this award as NTT Communications Singapore in 2016 and 2018, this is the first time NTT is bagging two awards in a single year.

NTT was recognized for building a seamless, omni-channel platform that is future-proof for artificial intelligence (AI) with Tele-centre Services, a leading outsourced contact center provider in Singapore. The intelligent voice recognition feature enables the ease of tracking interactions between agents and customers, resulting in reduced lead time to resolve issues and improve service quality gaps. The attribute-based routing feature assigns each interaction to the agent with best-suited skills, leading to improved agent performance and productivity, as well as overall customer experience (CX).

By reshaping CX strategy and integrating technologies, NTT played a crucial role in modernizing contact centers, helping them gain a competitive edge in providing a complete and seamless customer journey.

“We are proud to be recognized by SBR once again, and this time, with a double award win. This is a testament to our technological expertise in full-stack integrated ICT services offering, ranging from infrastructure and strong technical support, to collaborating with the industry’s most trusted strategic alliance partners,” said Nick Wakai, Chief Executive Officer for NTT Ltd. in Singapore.

Awarded to technology providers who rose to business challenges, SBR also recognized NTT Ltd. in the technology category for its partnership with Intercommunale de Santé Publique du Pays Charleroi (ISPPC), a Belgium public hospital group, to create a smart and hyperconnected healthcare environment.

Together with ISPCC and its expanding range of capabilities – that included Internet of Things (IoT), a call center and an efficient network infrastructure, NTT helped lay the foundation for integrated communications for Belgium hospitals. This enabled ISPPC to progressively connect more equipment and systems within a secure network that enables it to effectively track people and equipment, and centralize appointment booking. At the same time, the automation of facilities management further safeguarded the eradication of waste and loss of food products, medicines, laboratory materials, and products from its bone or blood banks.

To ensure high quality care across a broad range of facilities and disciplines, ISPPC integrated its systems and technologies, which provided the agility it needed to easily adapt with evolving medical care methodologies to benefit patients. This meant delivering consistent, optimized levels of care to 450,000 patients yearly, across five hospitals, six clinics, and three retirement centers.

Wakai added, “We are confident in our ability to provide our clients with access to emerging technologies, fully managed services, strong technical support, and innovative solutions to keep up with the complex changes in the industry and grow their businesses. Our joint partnerships are making a huge difference in the world. Together, we are on track to enable a connected future for all.”


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