10 September 2020

NTT and Thales join forces to secure the hybrid and multi-clouds

Paris – 10 September 2020NTT Ltd., leading global technology services company today announced to partner with Thales to bring a joint value proposition to protect users, data and applications, thus enforcing the cloud shared responsibility model. With the COVID-19 global pandemic, enterprises accelerated their digital transformation to enable remote access to IT resources from the corporate network and beyond redeploying data and workload to the cloud. However, while digital transformation can provide tremendous value, it also comes with a drastic change of the surface of attacks, and tougher data privacy regulation.

In today’s world, to connect users to corporate assets in the hybrid IT, organisations deploy security controls uniformly across on-premises and multi cloud platforms. Such controls also deliver the principles of the cloud shared responsibility model endorsed by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and all major Cloud Service Providers (CSP) that define the split of responsibility of the cloud (CSPs), and in the cloud (Cloud Users). Combining forces, NTT brings a coherent and comprehensive security practise with consulting, integration capability and managed security services including traditional security solutions (network, vulnerability, end point). Thales brings next generation “distributed” security solutions such as cloud user access across multi applications (IAM, Identity and Access Management), cloud data classification and protection across multi environments (BYOE, Bring Your Own Encryption) and segregation of cloud controls across multi cloud (BYOK, Bring Your Own Key).

“With cloud adoption come new risks requiring enhanced security postures. Indeed, unlike IT resources on-premises, organisations don’t own nor control the cloud infrastructure. So the protection of sensitive corporate assets demand controls that are applied directly in the cloud. By partnering with Thales Cloud Protection technologies, NTT lifts its well-established security practice, to deliver access controls, data encryption and key management protecting sensitive assets where it matters: in the cloud.” commented Marc Ogoli-Socin, Head Security Practice at NTT Ltd. France.

“With millions continuing to work remotely, the cloud has become an integral part of nearly every business to store and process sensitive data both in public and private environments. Securing hybrid and multi cloud environments is therefore becoming more complex than ever and require many different controls as defined by the industry’s accepted Cloud Shared Responsibility model. Thales’ partnership with NTT combines the benefits of industry leading access controls and data protection technology with the expertise of an experienced managed service provider with a 360° consulting-led approach and enable Enterprises to apply and deploy security controls to their unique needs efficiently and seamlessly.” adds Romain Deslorieux, Director for Global System Integrators and Service Providers at Thales.

According to Fabien Deneuville, Head Cloud and Datacenter Practice at NTT Ltd. France, “Cloud capabilities open plenty of new opportunities and scalable operation models for many organisations. But mismanaged, cloud adoption can be cumbersome, create new IT silos and end up very costly. NTT brings strong expertise and methodology to help Enterprises define their multi cloud and hybrid cloud strategies, and execute their digital transformation in an optimised and secure way, thanks to best-in-class technology partners such as Thales”. 


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