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Having worked in marketing for nearly three decades, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of technology across industries. From fast-moving consumer goods to financial services and now in the technology space, it has been an exhilarating journey.

I am passionate about using technology to make a meaningful impact, especially here in Africa where the potential for technological advancement to improve lives is immense.

This is one of the reasons why I recently joined NTT DATA Middle East & Africa (formerly Dimension Data) as Senior Vice President of Marketing & Demand Generation.

NTT DATA is an organization that shares my passion. How can I be so sure?

Just consider our latest brand campaign, “Ignite tomorrow, today”. It’s much more than just a slogan. It reflects our commitment to always being at the forefront of innovation, and to anticipate and address our clients’ needs through consulting and leading-edge technologies.

We want to tell our clients, “This is what’s coming down the line. Get on this journey with us so that you can be at the forefront of innovation in your sector.”

Innovation built on a solid foundation

Dimension Data’s formidable, 40-year-plus legacy has provided a solid foundation as we start a new chapter under the NTT DATA banner.

It’s an exciting time for our team and for our clients and partners, because this rebranding isn’t just about changing the colour of our logo from green to blue. We’re also transforming our capabilities and how we deliver them to our clients. These changes are reflected in our “Ignite” campaign, which allows us to introduce a fresh perspective on our abilities and our readiness to create solutions that enable business outcomes for our clients.

What thrills me the most is the tangible impact of our work. Through strategic consulting and pioneering technologies, we can transform organizations as well as societies.

Imagine being part of a movement that drives technological and business innovation while improving – or even saving – lives

Think of the work we’ve done to keep South African retailer Pick n Pay’s network available and stable at a time when the country often struggles with scheduled daily power outages. This means even smaller stores in rural areas can keep offering essential goods even when there is no power.

Or consider how we helped the Western Cape Blood Service in South Africa weather a ransomware attack in 2021 that blocked access to the technology they used to get the right blood product to the right person at the right time. The systems underpinning their medical services were up and running again just 36 hours later.

You can also look beyond our region to see how NTT DATA’s abilities make a difference. For instance, we operate BMW Group’s global network that connects the luxury car manufacturer’s sites to the cloud, suppliers and dealers, in addition to managing roughly 30,000 server systems at their data centers and colocation providers. And, in Poland, we helped HEINEKEN to modernize their Kraków office to facilitate hybrid work and attract skilled employees from across Europe.

Imagine being part of a movement that drives technological and business innovation while improving – or even saving – lives. That’s what we’re doing here at NTT DATA Middle East & Africa.

Beyond the technology, our world also matters

Building a new brand identity takes time and consistent effort. We can’t just announce that we have a new brand and be done with it. We need to demonstrate our intentions through our actions, and our brand campaign is the vehicle to tell the stories about the impact we’re making today and what we intend to do in the future.

We go beyond what we do for our clients in terms of technology to include our sponsorship of sports events like the Absa Cape Epic mountain-bike race, while our Saturday School helps Grade 11 and 12 pupils from underserved communities to improve their marks. We also support innovative initiatives like giving solar-powered backpacks to schoolchildren who don’t have reliable access to electricity.

These projects help us realize our sustainability targets and ambitions, as we aim to connect our planet, economies and communities by using technology to make a real difference and create a better future for all.

In this way, we are reinforcing the trust and credibility we’ve established as Dimension Data over the years. Our clients’ and communities’ successes are our successes, and we look forward to creating many more of these in the region.

Moreover, as we expand into new markets and industries, employing the right talent is crucial. We want to attract skilled professionals who are eager to excel in a forward-thinking environment, in a career that makes a difference.

Fueling the future

In my role, I’m focusing on three core objectives: leading our rebranding efforts effectively, nurturing a talented and motivated team, and ensuring our marketing strategies deliver substantial business impact. This is how I believe we will help NTT DATA to thrive as a leader in business consulting and IT services and infrastructure.

And, as we embrace technologies like generative AI – as we’re already doing in cloud, networks, data centers and more – our marketing efforts will become even more targeted, personalized and effective.

In closing, I want you to take away this message: at NTT DATA, we’re about more than just technology. We make technology work for people, we ignite potential and we transform futures. And we’re just getting started.

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