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Stay up to date on the latest news and milestones from our new Phoenix data center campus currently under construction.

September 2021


The MDF and MMR basket tray and raceways are installed.


The first vault is under construction and we’ve maximized our floor to ceiling heights to allow flexibility in your rack unit heights.


Our mechanical gallery is under construction. The blue trimming openings on the left outline the future fan walls that cool the vault.


We're installing the piping for the chilled water cooling system that links the rooftop chillers to the vault's fan walls.

August 2021


The chillers are set on the rooftop.


The team has started erecting the dunnage for the rooftop chillers.

ph1_emods_3 ph1_emods_2ph1_emods_1

The prefabricated EMODs are set in place.


The backup generators and belly tanks are placed on their permanent foundations and the transformers are also set in place.


The concrete foundations are ready for the generators and transformers.

July 2021


An aerial view shows our Phoenix data center campus. At the center is Phoenix PH1, the first of seven data centers.

June 2021


The team begins to carve out the pads for the equipment yard on the North side of the building.


An aerial view shows the progress of the installation of PH1’s roof.


The installation of the roof continues.

May 2021


The construction team has begun adding the roof and structural steel framing to the building.


All sides of the building are almost completely installed before adding the roof to the building.


The construction team is seen adding the tilt up walls to the building using a crane.


The tilt up walls have begun installation.


Concrete has been poured on the base of PH1. The rooms and vaults have been sectioned off. The tilt up walls are being cast in place before installation.


An aerial view over the PH1’s construction zone shows a footprint of the data center. The yellow portion shows where the steel re-bar has been installed, awaiting a concrete pour.


The substation has been installed at the Phoenix campus.


We have officially broken ground on phase one of our Phoenix data center campus, Phoenix PH1.

April 2021


Our newest data center campus is located in Mesa, Arizona. The Phoenix data center campus will have seven data centers on its 102 acre campus. The first phase of the Phoenix PH1 campus construction will include a two storey building with a reinforced slab floor design. PH1 will have 36MW of critical IT load distributed between 6 vaults. To learn more about our campus, read our Phoenix PH1 data sheet.