After more than a year of battling the global pandemic, many organizations are now implementing their return to work policies, while continuing to drive increased digitization efforts to remain competitive. Businesses are also adapting to new hybrid work models that accommodate more remote employees but as a result, require additional digital applications, systems and infrastructure. While newer technologies such as AI and IoT, along with increased consumption of data through mobile, streaming services and remote workspaces all contribute to data center growth – large and small companies alike are accelerating their digitization investments as we head towards the end of the pandemic. For those organizations operating in Germany, our Global Data Centers division in EMEA is ready to support you now and well into the future as our expansion plans in the country are already underway. Global Data Centers EMEA, which operated in Germany as the former e-shelter brand for 20 years, is aggressively expanding on its old home turf. Headquartered in Hattersheim, near Frankfurt am Main, we’re pleased to announce that we’re expanding our German footprint by over 40% with an increase of over 30,000 m² of IT space across existing key locations within the country. In the German data center market, we’re currently developing the following: Frankfurt data centers
  • Construction work for a new building at our Frankfurt 1 Data Center site has begun. It will deliver an additional 4,300 m² of IT space and provide a maximum IT load of 7.3 MW. The building is set to open in Q2 2022.
  • We’re opening two new buildings this year at Frankfurt 4 Data Center. These buildings will each provide the campus with 4,700 m² of additional IT space and a maximum IT load of 6 MW (12 MW when fully built out).

Berlin data centers

  • We’re expanding our Berlin 1 Data Center location, which will become operational this summer. The new building will deliver an additional IT space of 2,500 m² and a 5 MW IT load.
  • Furthermore, a new location at our Berlin 2 Data Center is under construction with an initial total capacity of 10,000 m² and 24 MW IT load across two buildings. Both are planned to open in Q1 2022.
Munich Data Center
  • We’ve recently opened a second building at our Munich 2 Data Center The additional building means the data center now has 6,200 m² of IT space across both facilities and 9.2 MW of critical IT load. In addition to this, it recently became a DE-CIX enabled site and is connected to the DE-CIX interconnection ecosystem. We offer direct access to all DE-CIX interconnection services, including GlobePEER, Virtual PNI and Cloud Exchange services.

Rhine-Ruhr Data Center

  • We’ve agreed the construction of a build to suit data center Rhine-Ruhr B (Bonn), which will deliver 4.8 MW and 2,620 m² of space.

Germany is important to the global data center market due to its geographic location, which allows connections to Eastern and Western Europe, the Nordics and the Middle East. The country is a major tech and start-up hub, rich in fiber, and home to the DE-CIX, one of the world’s largest internet exchange points. Florian Winkler, CEO, NTT Ltd.’s Global Data Centers EMEA, said: ‘As we navigate the new normal, with many organizations adopting a hybrid working model and our digital habits changing, the role of the data center will continue to increase. We’re proud to support the foundation of the digital future in Germany.’

To learn more about our German data centers or to schedule a virtual tour of one of our facilities, please contact your account manager or complete our quick request form.