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Do you and your organization use multiple platforms for your online and digital events? If so, it may be time to consolidate your virtual events platforms and vendors. But, before we look ahead, let's look back.

So much happened when the pandemic hit. But in-person meetings and events stopped. And in place of the face-to-face? A clamour and a scramble for virtual event technology that could bring people together.

How was that for you and your organization? Your experience may have been variable. Some found that the technology worked fantastically well. Others didn’t. Inevitably, across the millions of webinars and webcasts that took place, people used lower-quality, less-effective, less reliable solutions. There was a surfeit of new virtual event platforms and vendors. Some solutions lacked features, support or security.

An emphasis on performance

Then in 2021, hybrid events became the new watchword. Technology companies and providers looked to provide the required expertise to meet this need and deliver engaging events. On-site audio-visual services were added back to the mix. Organizers looked to introduce interactive elements such as voting and polling. There was more emphasis on performance too - ways of bringing virtual participants into the same virtual theatre. It's been a time for innovation, experimentation and trying new ways to create more successful events

Greater access. Greater attendance. More interaction. The shift to virtual events has also increased opportunities for sponsorship and monetization.

Virtual events will remain center stage

There’s no doubt that whatever comes next, things won't return to how they were pre-pandemic. Tried and tested - and with best practices clearer - virtual events will be center stage for many organizations. Yet, if you currently have a raft of different providers and technologies, you now may wish to standardize; reduce your platforms and vendors and consolidate your virtual events with one provider.

After all, if you run multiple events a year will you get a consistent experience you can bank on? If you have different teams globally with different providers and technologies, how will that work? Can you be sure that your end-users – colleagues, clients, or other audiences - will get a consistent experience? Would you - an internal provider in your enterprise, like to establish a framework, process and standard to keep to? Further, how will you stay up-to-date with technological advances and ensure quality, innovative events? Can we help you reduce potential stress and uncertainty for you and other stakeholders?

Seamless, secure, successful experiences - rich in data

Unsurprisingly, this is where I mention how NTT, as a global telecommunications company and service integrator, comes into its own. As a worldwide technology services provider, we're a one-stop shop for all your digital and virtual events services. Using only best-of-breed technologies we deliver over 40,000 managed events a year in more than 20 different languages. Accordingly, we know a thing or two about delivering seamless, secure, successful experiences.

Furthermore, we go beyond any specific event logistics and the managed services we provide. We're also experts in helping you make the most of the data via integrations. Whether it's your marketing or sales technology stack, we can ensure you get actionable business insights for your further success.

Many of the events we deliver are managed by us. However, depending on the specific event, you could opt to run these as self-service events. This is easily achieved using the collaboration technology you may have adopted, such as Microsoft Teams or Webex. However, where you have those higher-profile or more complex events, we can provide additional help. Our managed service approach gives you hands-on, end-to-end, dedicated professional event management, where you need that support.

The benefits of consolidating your virtual events provision

Your primary concern may well be simply to ensure successful events for your speakers and attendees. Yet, we also increasingly see is that organizations wish to reduce the vendor mix. This can not only reduce overheads but ensure a consistent service globally to those within the business.

With a footprint in every continent - and most countries too - you can be assured of our support. Wherever you or your teams are we're close at hand to work with you every step of the way. After all, just as the events we deliver and manage enhance your reputation, we value our reputation too. For example. after each event, we survey the event organizer to rate our operators and producers. This score provides the basis of our Net Promotor Score and we're proud to hold an NPS of over 70. It's a score that rates as truly world-class.

So, as you plan ahead, think about how you can consolidate your virtual events. And do talk to us about how we can support you. We're here to understand your business goals and your event objectives. In summary, no matter what digital events you're planning - nor where you, your teams or audiences are, we're ready to help.