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The global pandemic has changed the way we live and work. Remote working has meant that – for most people – the employee experience has changed out of all recognition. Yet, as we imagine a world where we have the virus under control, there remain many unanswered questions. Perhaps the first one on many people’s minds is this: Do employees ever need to go back to the office?

Given how people have adapted and adopted new ways of working, perhaps it won’t be necessary? Perhaps a wholesale return to the office isn’t even the holy grail that employers and employees are seeking? Instead, perhaps new ways of communicating and collaborating will be here to stay?

How will the workplace evolve?

These were some of the questions considered in a recent online video meeting for the HR and leadership community.

Inspired by NTT’s recent Intelligent Workplace Report, we brought together a panel of experts to discuss the key issues and provide some actionable insights. The event on how to boost employee experience, engagement and productivity was recently broadcast live on LinkedIn.

Meet the panel

Joining us for the discussion were:

  • Emmanuel Allanos, Chief Human Resources Officer of the Cloud Communications division of NTT.
  • Alex Bennett, Global SVP, Intelligent Workplace, NTT Ltd., and sponsor of the 2020 Intelligent Workplace Report.
  • Dan Schawbel, managing partner, Workplace Intelligence; author, Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation.

Acting as the ringmaster for the occasion, I presided over a highly interesting, and lively discussion.

Watch the event back, and you’ll hear Alex share some of the essential key findings from the 2020 Intelligent Workplace Report. It contains views on the future development of effective workplaces from 1,350 interviews with decision-makers and influencers in 19 worldwide markets, so do be sure to access a copy.

Also weighing in with research in the discussion is Dan Schawbel. He picks out relevant examples from the news and his own research, including his 2021 Workplace Trends Report.

Shaping future employee experience

You’ll also get the inside track from Emmanuel, our own Chief Human Resources Officer. He provides an insight into challenges and concerns for employers – such as HR and IT risks, and employee wellbeing – but also notes the opportunities for enlightened organizations who can best respond, and use data and analytics wisely.

Most encouragingly for HR leaders and the wider C-Suite, you’ll hear more about how investing in human capital management, wellness, and Employee Experience can have more than just a positive effect on engagement and productivity. It can boost profitability too.

To watch or listen to the discussion, just click here.