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Cloud computing has exploded. So much so, that it’s no longer a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ you will move to the cloud. Although a move to a cloud platform like Microsoft® Azure would be ideal, with security breaches on the rise, many companies now find themselves asking – how can I protect and defend my data?

Whether a company is migrating to the cloud or not, it is likely that they’re already using cloud components in their everyday life. It includes SaaS applications that they use to conduct their business, such as Microsoft 365®, where they get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

For these companies, security would be a top priority. Which is why, NTT recommends Microsoft Azure to our clients, because Microsoft takes the approach of offering built-in controls and services, to simplify the security of workloads.

Let’s start with Azure AD, where any company can build a comprehensive identity strategy out of the box that can either operate on its own in the cloud or in a hybrid fashion within their network.

Azure also has the ability to build logically separated network subnets. If a company that has an on-premise network and is considering making the move to the cloud, Azure allows them to replicate their network design architecture in such a way that their subnets can be broken down into logical subnets for whatever they need.

In addition to that, Azure allows companies to work towards the idea of Zero Trust, where every digital interaction in their environment requires validation.

With Azure, companies can extend their security layers with third-party security tools, so they’re not locked into Azure’s security controls. With NTT as a partner, we can bring in security controls that work better from a Managed Services perspective, because Azure doesn't limit you to what you can bring into the cloud to secure your workloads.

At NTT, we guide organizations through the cloud transformation process, so they can avoid challenges and create the cloud environment that works best for them.

With Azure, these organizations gain resources that are easy to use, easy to deploy, and provide the flexibility to scale up and down as the business requires.

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