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More than 9 in 10 CIOs and CTOs agree strongly that their organization’s preference is for a network-as-a-service (NaaS) model and are looking to partner with a specialist managed service provider (MSP) in this regard, according to NTT’s 2022–23 Global Network Report.

The NaaS model allows you to outsource the planning, upkeep, lifecycle management and evolution of your network to an experienced MSP that can manage and optimize your network infrastructure, services, security, licensing and more.

But how do these executives get the green light for investing in this new approach to network management? How can they show the benefits for their organization?

Get a more reliable network at a lower cost

A compelling first point to raise is the reliability of NaaS, combined with cost savings.

Cost efficiencies arise because it is a consumption-based model. The CFO will appreciate that budgeting for network services will become more efficient and predictable, with the capital outlay shifting to operational expenditure.

At the same time, an MSP like NTT offers full-time expert support, ensuring higher levels of network availability, enabled by the cloud. You can focus on your core business, knowing that your network operations are in safe hands.

Also important to note on the financial side is that NaaS removes the need to invest in your in-house IT team to try to keep up with new skills and the need to innovate. Nor will you need to invest in, maintain and upgrade expensive network equipment, or deal with multiple vendors and their unique licensing needs.

Make your network more efficient – and secure

Your MSP can optimize your network continually – to adjust to hybrid work conditions that present new security risks, for example, or to reserve enough bandwidth for mission-critical applications.

This is achieved through proactive, expert network management using AIOps and advanced analytics to tweak your network performance, flag technical anomalies in advance and seamlessly incorporate new technologies.

You can also scale your network capacity up and down as needed, which typically results in cost savings, too.

Importantly, at a time when serious security threats are on the rise, your security posture is strengthened through a secure-by-design approach with expertly managed layers of control and governance. So, you don’t have to keep up with your network’s many security demands by yourself.

Network as a service in action: the benefits in action

Our managed service approach to networking has helped some of the world’s biggest organizations realize their digital ambitions.

Part of the digital transformation of Knorr-Bremse, the German manufacturer of braking systems, was the migration of key applications to the cloud. They needed a modern network that could deliver high availability and bandwidth, and adapt quickly to their evolving business needs.

We designed and implemented a managed SD-WAN solution reaching 114 sites across the world. In addition to providing significantly higher bandwidth and more stable connections, this allowed the company to prioritize business-critical traffic and use direct cloud access to reduce the pressure on their core network.

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Our managed network services enable a secure, high-performance edge-to-cloud ecosystem that allows you to improve customer and employee experience, gain operational efficiencies through AIOps and advanced analytics, and keep up with the latest network technology.

With a global network of highly skilled and certified people, we can take care of all your support needs, 24x7, and our processes and governance – based on five decades’ experience – are certified by industry bodies. Our strategic partnerships with leading network equipment manufacturers also speed up our incident-resolution times.

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