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Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the landscape of business and the foundational beams of companies. Across many verticals, companies are competing not only for market share or revenue, but to survive. Some companies are scaling and innovating faster, creating new markets and business models to drive more business and offering more customized and personalized services, not locally, but globally.

We are moving towards 'AI-first' companies as businesses rethink their strategy and operating models. Artificial intelligence, interconnection and networks are now the core tenets for businesses to compete and succeed.

The power of artificial intelligence

When we spoke with AI experts Dave Copps and Ryan Fontaine, they shared valuable insights about how companies across all industries can use AI to generate revenue or reduce costs.

‘For businesses, if you have access to good AI and good machine learning, you’re going to be all right,’ said Fontaine, the CEO of Citadel Analytics. ’Data is the new oil. It’s the most valuable commodity in the world, more valuable than silver or gold. But you still have to do something with it. AI helps find the connections in data, and that’s what makes data – and AI – so valuable.’

Copps, a legend in the AI community who is currently the CEO of Worlds, illustrated the value of AI with several memorable stories. First, he described how a company he was previously with helped the Department of Justice close a case they had been working on for months by using AI to find crucial info in just 30 minutes.

Another example from early in his career was perhaps even more profound. Copps’ company was helping an intelligence agency in Europe that had been working on a case involving hundreds of millions of documents over seven years. Mining the data through traditional search engines was not getting the job done.

So Copps’ company built an AI platform that enabled people to see and navigate information visually, almost like using a Google Earth map. The reaction from the European intelligence agency could be considered... euphoric.

‘The guy that was working on the data cried – in a good way,’ Copps said. ‘He had been looking at this for so long, and the answers were right there. That points to the power of AI.’

But what can I do to leverage AI?

After listening to the podcast, you might think ‘That’s great, AI really sounds like it could help my company grow in an efficient and profitable way. But what’s my first step? How do I access and use AI technology?’

Good question. Actually, no... that’s a great question.

Luckily the answer to that question has just changed.

Clients at our Dallas TX1 Data Center and Ashburn VA3 Data Center can talk to us about accessing AI without installing their own infrastructure. That’s because we’ve become qualified as NVIDIA DGX-Ready data centers. DGX is NVIDIA’s flagship appliance for AI computation.

This qualification allows us to house NVIDIA’s DGX AI appliances in our data centers, where they can be used ‘as-a-service' by clients demanding cutting-edge AI infrastructure.

NVIDIA has plenty of case studies showing how companies across a broad array of industries have already seen significant results from accessing their deep learning AI technology, including:

  • Baker Hughes has reduced the cost of finding, extracting, processing, and delivering oil.
  • Accenture Labs is quickly detecting security threats by analyzing anomalies in large scale network graphs.
  • Graphistry is protecting some of the largest companies in the world by visually alerting them of attacks and big outages.
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory is creating a more accurate picture of the Earth’s population - including people who have never been accounted for before -- to predict future resource requirements.
  • Princeton University is predicting disruptions in a tokamak fusion reactor, paving the way to clean energy.

What will your story be? There’s only one way to find out – by harnessing the power of AI for your enterprise. With NVIDIA in our data centers, we can help you get there. Find out more in this BrightTALK webinar - Enabling AI Infrastructure in Data Centers.