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To move to the cloud, or not? That discussion is – for most organizations – largely over and done with. However, once you have got buy-in for cloud migration, the key question is ‘how?’. How do you achieve your cloud deployment, and do it rapidly and securely?

This is what I focused on in a recent discussion I chaired, broadcast via LinkedIn Live. In particular, how to accelerate digital transformation when there are so many variables to consider. After all, you may not be sure of which direction to take but standing still is not really an option either.

In the video below, we explore the challenges around cloud deployment: why they exist; and how organizations can address the blockages and move forward. Joining me for the discussion were my colleagues, Charlie Doubek, VP, Managed Collaboration and Communications, Cloud Communications division; Jasmine Goh, Solution Sales Director, APAC; and Phillip Priestley, Group VP, Technology & Architecture.

A challenging time for cloud deployment

What was quickly established was how it’s a very challenging time for many IT leaders, particularly around collaboration and communication solutions. Firstly, there’s the need to keeping existing systems running. Then, you have to keep on top of what is hugely evolving innovation from cloud vendors such as Microsoft and Cisco.

Similarly, you need to calculate how and when to depreciate legacy equipment while ensuring feature parity in any new technology. What’s more, you may need to reconcile point solutions adopted for business continuity during the pandemic.

A vital role for IT leaders

It’s also vital to ensure networks and data are secure. Not easy amidst rapidly changing regulatory frameworks in different verticals and markets around the world. Finally, post-pandemic, there are the questions of how, when and where people and organizations will choose to work.

IT leaders have always needed to ensure adoption of new tools and technology. However, there’s an increasing focus on providing a superior employee experience. It’s not just about enabling people to communicate and collaborate effectively and be productive, but supporting hybrid working and individual wellbeing.

Cloud deployment – a framework for success

Clearly, there’s quite a shopping list to contend with. Do watch the video for the full discussion. In particular, you can hear about the Cloud Deployment Framework. It’s a methodology we’ve developed with our partners and use to support our clients no matter where they are on their cloud deployment journey.

Topics in this article

Through a series of different discovery workshops, chosen according to need, we can rapidly engage and assess your vital requirements. From there we can provide recommendations and – as need be – plan and schedule for rapid and secure deployment. Our global reach and breadth of experience means its readily adaptable across verticals for organizations irrespective of size or geographies.

Shaping the employee experience

What’s more, you’ll also hear discussion of the NTT 2020 Intelligent Workplace Report. This original research looks at the future development of the workplace and encapsulates 1,350 interviews with decision makers and influencers in 19 worldwide markets. Do access the report for the full findings which are helping to ‘shape employee experiences for a world transformed’.

Access the Intelligent Workplace Report

In conclusion, do watch the video for all the discussion and feel free to connect with any of the guests. You can also find out more on our website.

We’re here to help you keep up, speed up and move ahead.