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The favorable electricity costs, the good geographical location and the promising market – numerous cloud providers are currently attracted to the Vienna location.

Overall, the range of cloud services is also becoming increasingly diverse and comprehensive in Austria. Even software providers, who until a few years ago still relied on on-premises solutions, are working flat out on cloud-based software-as-a-service offerings. For companies, this means that their established infrastructures are increasingly being put to the test. Where will data processing and storage take place in the future?

One thing is becoming apparent: hybrid solutions are very much in vogue. Companies are combining the best of all worlds. Public cloud solutions are being used just as much as private cloud solutions, and particularly sensitive data will continue to be processed on-premises. However, this new strategy is also accompanied by the question of how the existing infrastructure can be optimized. Connectivity plays a major role in this context. How can access to cloud solutions be realized securely and quickly?

The answer is obvious: by moving from an in-house data center to a colocation data center. At our Vienna location in particular, this is reflected in the demand for our new data center building at the Vienna 1 Data Center. Starting in summer 2022, building C will add 3,000 m² of IT space to the campus. For many companies, the new building offers the ideal opportunity to implement a hybrid data center strategy. There are various reasons for this:

Companies benefit from connectivity. Secure, fast and reliable, global carriers can be used just as much as regional providers. This is a key argument, particularly in view of the increased use of public cloud offerings. In addition, the security and availability of IT infrastructures are increasingly coming into focus, even among medium-sized companies. A frightening look at the news makes us all too aware of the danger posed by natural disasters. At the same time, cybercrime is on the rise. Corporate data centers are often no longer able to cope with the enormous demands on high availability. Whether redundant power supply, fire protection or access controls – the new data center space in Vienna 1 meets all criteria of high availability class 3.

At the same time – and this is particularly important for companies that fundamentally opt for a new hybrid data center strategy – sufficient contiguous IT space is available here. Companies have the flexibility to decide what space they need – Individual racks, a dedicated cage or a dedicated suite. All options are still open.

Do you have a need for a hybrid data center strategy? We look forward to exchanging ideas with you: You can reach us at +43 1 66 168-6815, by email at or via the contact form.