When moving from on-premises VMware to the cloud, one of the first things that many clients worry about is incompatibilities between the compute, storage and networking technologies in the cloud platform versus on-premises. For example:

Does the cloud platform support the legacy OS and application versions which are running on-premises?

Is there a need to adapt or change existing, monitoring, security, compliance, etc., processes to work in the cloud?

The good news is that these challenges can be addressed with a couple of powerful tools. We start with Google Cloud’s VMware Engine that helps you migrate to the cloud without incurring the cost or complexity of refactoring applications. In other words, you can run and manage workloads in the cloud in the same way you currently run them in your on-premises environment. Your VMware workloads will run in Google Cloud’s reliable and high-performance environment in harmony with your existing on-premises tools, policies and processes.

VMware Engine makes migration easy because it gives you a full stack of compute, storage and networking technology that is compatible with your on-premises VMware environment. And because it’s based on VMware, you can continue with your current automation strategies and tools. No need to retrain your IT staff – they already have all the skills they need, and the opportunity to learn new ones!

The Google Compute migrate tool is very effective in migrating VMware environment to Google cloud with ease of management and in an automated way. You can migrate your workload by using waves in Compute migrate.

Compute migrate brings the following advantages:

  • advanced replication technology
  • as-a-service options
  • destination flexibility
  • pre-migration validation and testing
  • migration groups
  • automatic and seamless adaptations

Another big challenge clients face is getting actual utilization of existing infrastructure as its always become cumbersome to run pull out information manually, this where google has fabulous tool called StratoZone.

Below are few advantages of StratoZone

  • Fast: Assess your workloads quickly, with a solution that takes very little time to install and run (typically under 45 minutes) and can scale to discover and assess thousands of assets in hours. Initial results are typically available in days.
  • Easy to use: Discover workloads and assets using an agentless process. No appliances, hardware or agents to deploy. Discovery is hypervisor and physical/virtual agnostic.
  • Secure: All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Clients control data anonymization.

In conclusion, Google offers a powerful set of tools to help clients migrate their workloads from on-premises to the cloud with ease.