x-kom’s seamless migration to an omnichannel cloud contact center supports spike in online retail

x-kom is one of Poland’s largest online retailers of computer and electronic goods. Their main focus has always been on customer experience, whether people meet the company in their stores or online. When business growth put pressure on their contact center to keep up, they chose NTT to migrate their contact center to Genesys, first on-premises and now in the cloud. This omnichannel solution now allows them to give customers the same excellent service when it’s business as usual and when they have to scale up for big shopping days that come with high customer service and contact center demands..

Client Profile

In 2002, x-kom started as a small physical store selling computer and electronic goods. Since then, the business has grown rapidly, expanding into online sales to become one of the top five ecommerce companies in Poland and the largest seller on Allegro, the most popular online shopping platform in Poland. x-kom also has 27 physical stores in Poland, spread across different cities.


Replicating a great personal in-store experience online

x-kom may have started small, but they’ve grown into a retail giant in Poland. One of the factors driving this was combining ecommerce with their physical stores. Another was their focus on customer and user experience: they wanted to make sure their customer service was just as good online as it was in-store.

Delivering the same great customer experience after rapid growth

Rapid growth from 2012 to 2015 put pressure on their contact center agents, each of whom then handled about 75 to 120 calls on an average day. Not upgrading from their system at the time would threaten the customer experience they’re known for as well as the relationships they’d worked so hard to build.

x-kom needed a scalable solution that could handle business as usual as well as shopping leading up to yearly events like International Children’s Day on 1 June and Christmas. It would also have to be robust enough to handle spikes in demand during Black Friday and the back-to-school rush.

“x-kom has always been and will remain a customer-centric company. Technology has played a significant role in our vision and what we want to create and deliver to our customers.”

Adam Zięcina
Head of Contact Center, x-kom

Journey from an on-premises to cloud contact center

From in-store to online, calls to messaging, x-kom’s business model and customer engagement channels changed considerably.

In 2015, x-kom started searching for the right contact center solution to suit their growth needs, and the right partner to implement it. They wanted a partner who was as reliable as they wanted their call center to be. After considering several partners, they chose NTT as to move their contact center to Genesys in 2016. At the time, Genesys was implemented on-premises.

Online sales increased significantly with COVID-19 lockdowns. Before the lockdowns, more than 45% of x-kom’s sales came from their stores. In 2020, when stores were temporarily closed, 100% of their sales came from ecommerce. At the same time, their people had to work from home. The average number of calls a day increased to 7,000 in March 2020.

Since then, there’s also been a shift from voice calls to messaging as the preferred way of communicating, especially with younger target groups. Customers mostly call when they struggle with putting in an order or a problem with logistics arises, and the number of calls now averages 50,000 a month.

Customers want to contact companies using the technology they’re comfortable with, and the cloud contact center offers a wide range of channel options to accommodate different customer preferences.

Changing circumstances, increased stability and more tools for reporting, administration and improved customer experience on Genesys cloud prompted their decision to migrate their contact center to the cloud.

Working closely with the x-kom team and our partners at Genesys, we ensured a smooth migration to a cloud contact center that supports omnichannel communication. Careful planning and scheduling meant there was no disruption to the business and an easy transition for users.

Customers can now engage with the business on the channels they prefer and the system can handle fluctuating contact volumes effortlessly. The cloud version of Genesys also provided additional tools to help with reporting and boost customer experience.

While circumstances changed, the company and their relationship with us continued to grow.

“NTT is a partner who speaks the language of our customers’ needs. First, we talk about the functionality and what we want to achieve, and only then do we discuss the system and how to implement it.”

Anna Freitag
Customer Service Solutions Manager, x-kom

Seamless migration

The migration from on-premises Genesys to the cloud gave x-kom the stable solution they needed while driving improved customer experience.

Increased stability and scalability

Being able to order when and where it suits the customer is an essential element of good customer service. The cloud solution limits downtime and handles network pressure on big shopping days.

Omnichannel for customer convenience

Currently, customers can connect to x-kom using voice, email, chat through the website and mobile app, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Better analytics and reporting

The cloud version of Genesys’s contact center solution offers more tools and opportunities for reporting, administration and building internal skills and solutions.

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