Together with Türk Telekom International (TTI), we’re connecting the world. In May 2015, TTI selected us as a strategic partner for IP transit services. Under the deal, we supply wholesale global services to meet rising international demand for TTI’s internet, infrastructure and wholesale services.

Via our Tier 1 Global IP Network TTI can rapidly respond to any growth in client demand for high-quality and high-performance wholesale IP capacity. In turn, we gained a complementary partner operating in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Caucasus, the Middle East, and Asia.

Since then, we’ve worked closely together, forging a strong relationship through continuous interpersonal communication. "This partnership has been growing since 2015 and continues to deliver services such as IP transit and backbone infrastructure services," says Eric Buffalow, VP, Global Sales, Global IP Network Division at NTT DATA.

Client profile:

Türk Telekom International (TTI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Türk Telekom handling the group’s international data and wholesale voice business. As a leading telecoms operator in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Caucasus, the Middle East and Asia, TTI offers a full suite of internet and data services, infrastructure and wholesale voice services to incumbents, alternative carriers, mobile operators, cable TV companies, ISPs and corporate clients.


Complementary pathways to the future

TTI is committed to making Turkey a major hub for data and voice exchange, as well as expanding to help their customers grow their regional and global reach.

The partnership is a beneficial collaboration for both TTI and NTT, with each offering service and geographic coverage that complemented each other’s needs and strategies.

TTI gained a partner with a Tier 1 global IP backbone which is consistently ranked among the top networks worldwide, and able to support the carrier’s wide portfolio of services. Conversely, we gained a partner that allowed us to add resilience by gaining access to unique routes in the region where TTI operates.

Due to the complementary nature of their networks and services, the partnership was always planned to be long-term and ready to upgrade as new technologies came in and capacity needs increased, explains Ömer Demir, Chief Commercial Officer at TTI. This provided the basis for the two organizations to build a strong pathway toward the future.

"With the people that NTT has, once they understand exactly what you want, they come up with a fitting solution for today’s needs and for growing trends."

Ömer Demir
Chief Commercial Officer, Türk Telekom International

A close, open and fruitful relationship

The relationship between TTI and NTT has been built on open communication between the two companies and the provision of high-quality services. "We are very pleased the way this business is going from the commercial side, the customer service side, quality-wise, and global-reach-wise," says Demir.

Much of this is about the people involved on both sides, with Demir saying that the NTT team has been quick to respond to requests and provide any upgrades or rapid service activations needed. "It was NTT's team that gave us a warm feeling that we were going to really be able to have a very open discussion both on their strengths and on things to be improved," he says.

He explains that NTT made this evident right from the very start, when accommodating some technical network changes that TTI requested. In doing this, he says, NTT planned a realistic schedule that it was able to stick to rather than overpromising on the project's delivery date, thus creating a "confidence-building" effect moving forward.

The partnership has expanded over time, migrating from 10G to 100G ports to boost each other's networks, and connecting new locations across and between continents. As the two companies have succeeded in collaborating so well together, they've also been discussing deeper tie-ups on services. "We keep growing and renewing the installed base, adding ports and migrating services to make both networks even more powerful, and to be in line with the ever-changing market requirements," says Buffalow.

The fruitful nature of the relationship was also illustrated early in the pandemic in 2020, when TTI and its parent needed to add multiple ports to support the growing internet capacity demand generated by home schooling and people working from home. In this situation, we were able to respond fast to these sudden, unexpected needs and deliver the extra capacity required within three working days.

And the advantages run both ways, ultimately paying off for the carriers' end users. Buffalow points out that Turkey is a large market of around 85 million people, which is also beneficial for the content delivery networks connected by NTT. "The more eyeballs connected to our network, the better experience we can give them," he says. "So as long as we can make them happy and they stick with us, then we can make our other clients happy as well."

"We are very pleased the way this business is going from the commercial side, the customer service side, quality-wise, and global-reach-wise."

Ömer Demir
Chief Commercial Officer, Türk Telekom International

Still going strong, seven years on

Evidence of the closeness of the partnership is shown by the fact that the two will soon pass the seven-year mark and the relationship is still going strong.

Buffalow emphasizes that the strength of the partnership means NTT and TTI have been able to maintain a good relationship even with organizational changes at the companies. "We always had a strong relationship within the companies, which has been developed over the past years," he says.

"Our infrastructure team has a good relationship with TTI's sales team, and our service engineering teams cooperate closely with each other."

Demir also puts the longevity down to the long-term outlook between the two companies and the willingness to accommodate each other's needs, meaning we've have been able to overcome market challenges and work through any issues together. "The solution has been healthy business negotiation and transparently communicating needs and the market drivers behind those," he says.

This kind of relationship is important in a market where capacity needs are ramping up to terabit levels, he says. "When you talk about terabits of international IP capacity, this is not a simple service.

"With the people that NTT has, once they understand exactly what you want, they come up with a fitting solution for today's needs and for growing trends."

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