3W Infra focuses on quality, redundancy and security

Amsterdam-based 3W Infra was founded by industry veteran Murat Bayhan in 2014, with the aim of providing something unique in the hosting sector as a ‘pure-play’ Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) company.

The firm has sought to separate itself from the multitude of other hosting providers by offering a highly tailored service to meet the specific needs of customers from multiple industries, including online gaming, e-commerce, financial services, and media and entertainment.

Furthermore, their service is geared toward quality, provided partly through built-in redundancy via dual ports, routers, core switches and colocation in data centers – including in their flagship data center location in Amsterdam, which features a high level of power efficiency. At the heart of this are their relationships with Tier 1 transit providers, enabling 3W Infra to offer a highly reliable supporting network for customers.

One of these providers is the Global IP Network of NTT, a partner of 3W Infra for IP Transit since their early days. Having seen the relationship prove successful over the years, 3W Infra solidified it further last year by adding on our DDoS Protection Services (DPS).

Client profile:

3W Infra is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, that focuses on delivering highly tailored hosting services to customers worldwide. Founded in 2014 by veterans within the internet and hosting industry, the firm provides services to a wide variety of customers with diverse needs, from online gaming to media and financial companies.

The fast-growing company also has a focus on high-quality services that offer built-in redundancy through a multi-carrier global network, including optimal route selection for internet destinations, scalability, and cost-efficiency. 3W Infra only works with Tier 1 transit providers to ensure the best possible services for customers.


A focus on meeting customer expectations

To offer their customers high levels of choice and flexibility, 3W Infra has a large amount of hardware in-house, rather than requiring customers to go to many separate vendors, transit carriers and installation companies to obtain the necessary equipment. They also have skilled engineers and multiple bandwidth options, offering 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G ports.

‘We have a wide bandwidth capacity that lets us not push customers into certain commitments,’ explains Bayhan. ‘We help customers customize how they want their infrastructure.’ Alongside this, 3W Infra also offers burstable, volume-based tariff options to match customer requirements.

This highly customized and flexible approach is no good without the quality of service to underpin it. That’s why the company chose from the beginning to partner with Tier 1 transit providers, focusing on strong performance rather than just price to give customers the assurance that they were receiving the optimum service.

This includes the need to provide redundant infrastructure to ensure that services don’t go down, says Bayhan. Alongside this is the need for security from threats such as distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which have ramped up across the industry in recent years. Combining such reassurance with flexibility is something that 3W Infra aims to provide to offer a powerful proposition to customers.

‘Not only from a technical point of view but also from a security point of view, we are safe. I can say we are in a safe harbor when we are with NTT.’

Murat Bayhan
CEO and founder, 3W Infra

Protecting their most valuable asset

One of the Tier 1 providers that 3W Infra partnered with after it was founded was NTT. ‘It was a known brand with quality,’ says Bayhan.

He adds that the company was recognized by those in the industry as being customer-oriented and quick to support their partners whenever needed, as well as being rapid at provisioning. Importantly, we were able to supply redundancy through measures such as dual ports, in line with the type of service that 3W Infra wanted to provide to their customers.

With DDoS attacks seeing a surge worldwide in the past few years, 3W Infra also started using our DPS Max service last September. This is the highest level of DPS service that we offer, including proactive attack detection and automatic mitigation based on customer-defined attack thresholds, as well as access to our Network Security Team.

‘Not only from a technical point of view but also from a security point of view, we are safe,’ says Bayhan. ‘I can say we are in a safe harbor when we are with NTT.’

‘I can’t sleep at night knowing that we’ll be under attack. DPS Max improves my quality of sleep and helps us grow.’

Murat Bayhan
CEO and founder, 3W Infra

A partnership based on delivery

‘3W’s relationship with NTT over the years has proved that what was said by those in the industry about the company was no mere hearsay,’ says Bayhan. ‘We never have an issue. And whenever we have a request, it has been responded to on time.’

He points out our ability to deliver quick provisioning in response to changing customer needs.

One way that 3W Infra has expanded with us is through adding the DPS Max service. ‘Since doing that, attacks are still coming in, but they aren’t causing downtime or latency issues,’ says Bayhan.

‘I can’t sleep at night knowing that we’ll be under attack,’ he says. ‘DPS Max improves my quality of sleep and helps us grow.’

The strength of the relationship is shown by the fact that 3W is keen to work with us as it expands in the future, with the company shortly hoping to add points of presence in locations such as Frankfurt, London, and the US, to serve their enterprise customers. This will require partners that offer redundancy and security – elements that we are primed to offer to continue the relationship in the future.

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