Tele-centre Services enables an omnichannel experience for their customers

Together with Tele-centre Services, we ensured that they could continue to meet the needs of their customers, moving beyond voice into a full omnichannel environment. Working with us, they implemented a Cisco CX platform to meet their current and future needs. The CX platform enables their agents to interact with customers through their chosen method, be it voice, web chat, email or other digital channels. Their objective is to connect their clients’ brands to people, leveraging data and insights from omni-channel sources. Tele-centre Services is now able to look to the future and the possibilities that technologies, including artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and data analytics enable.

Taking the contact center to the next level

Tele-centre Services provides a full suite of contact center services to their customers. As the needs of their clients evolve, so do their services.

As a leading organization, their clients look to them for guidance on how to meet their end users’ future needs. This requires moving beyond simply offering voice services and instead offering a full omnichannel service, providing meaningful solutions to their customers through their preferred channel.

‘Most of our clients see digitalization as an important step in retaining their customers,’ says Wee Ling, Managing Director, Tele-centre Services. ‘As their trusted partner, they look to us for guidance and assistance in designing the customer journey.’

Technology plays a critical role in enabling this, and providing a reliable and dynamic platform is vital in ensuring they meet customer expectations.

Their team realized that embracing omnichannel and integrating these digital channels required a higher level of technology understanding. In order to implement a full omnichannel platform and access new technologies, they needed a partner with the relevant expertise.

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Which partners?


‘The collaboration with NTT is more than a business relationship. They're an integral part of our digitalization journey and ensuring we remain relevant and competitive.’
Nicholas Loh , General Manager, Tele-centre Services.

Exploiting the power of an omnichannel platform

Working with the team at Tele-centre Services, we implemented an omnichannel Cisco CX platform that supports personalized, on-demand support across every customer touchpoint.

While their previous platform restricted interactions to voice only, the new solution allows them to seamlessly integrate any digital channel as part of the larger customer journey.

An interaction that starts with a web-chat or email can now be moved onto a call with one of their agents, with the agent having access to the insight provided by the digital interactions. This allows them to add greater value and resolve queries faster.

The solution allows them to map the full customer journey, providing information on which channels perform best in resolving specific customer queries.

They’ve also been able to implement call-back functionality, allowing agents to connect to the customer as the call is allocated to them.

With full access to the customer’s history, which includes voice recordings, they’re able to analyze the customer’s behavior to understand how they’re progressing on their journey.

This has also enabled better scheduling, and provided insight into capacity requirements.

A partnership focused on the future

With the omnichannel platform now in place, Tele-centre Services is able to look to the future and the possibilities that artificial intelligence and robotic process automation offer.

They’re also leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience, while upskilling their employees to handle more complex cases.

‘We’re exploring the possibility of automating more common queries, and using our agents when customers need greater insight, while forming specialized teams to focus on delivering enhanced value,’ says Vatchala Supramaniam, Head of Contact Centre, Telecentre Services.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduced waiting times though improved call routing
  • Better customer experience with 24/7 services
  • Expanded services offerings to attract new clients
  • Increased productivity with blended skillsets for agents

‘The collaboration with NTT is more than a business relationship. They’re an integral part of our digitalization journey and ensuring we remain relevant and competitive,’
says Nicholas Loh, General Manager, Tele-centre Services.