Randstad Group Belgium connects customers and talent using their new cloud-based communications platform

As the largest HR service provider in Belgium, Randstad relies heavily on the availability of their communication and contact center platform to keep their staff in touch with customers and talent. Availability was also a prerequisite for their transition to the cloud, which was driven by a need to work more flexibly and cost-effectively.

Together with Genesys, we ensured that the migration was accomplished with no impact on availability. Today, their Genesys contact center platform in the cloud seamlessly connects their employees, customers and candidates, and ensures a quality user experience for all.

Client profile

Randstad is a global leader in the human resources (HR) services industry. Randstad Group Belgium employs more than 2,400 people in 147 offices and 187 in-house locations. Through their smart solutions and online platforms, they aim to be present at all stages in people’s careers, consistently improve their employability and provide training opportunities when appropriate.


Cloud-based telecommunications that connect talent to opportunities

Randstad Group Belgium is the Belgian branch of Randstad NV, a Dutch multinational and market leader in HR services. For more than 60 years, Randstad has placed people in roles that are suited to their potential and career growth, while at the same time helping companies to achieve their goals by employing the most relevant skills for their business.

Ongoing communication with work candidates and prospective employers is crucial to making a successful placement. Cloud-based communication services had the potential to improve Randstad’s business operations and cost efficiencies, but they would consider switching only once they were assured that these services could support business operations.

As a result, they looked for partners with extensive experience in this type of project and a track record for ensuring that cloud systems were reliable and available.

“We have more than 300 offices spread across Belgium, with employees who are constantly on the phone, linking the right talent to the right client. Our telecommunications infrastructure is crucial for our business activities. We needed to be able to rely 100% on the accessibility of these cloud services before we even considered making the transition.”

Günther Ghijsels
Chief Digital and Information Officer, Randstad Group Belgium

Fast, phased and targeted implementation in just 8 months

To guarantee availability, the solution they selected needed to create a world-class contact center environment, going beyond simple cloud telephony service.

Together with Genesys, we completed the entire implementation in less than eight months – surprisingly fast, given the complexity of the infrastructure and accompanying change process for employees. Since the implementation happened during the peak of COVID-19, ensuring a seamless implementation meant the team faced additional complexity.Following our well-established methodologies, we ensured that the implementation took place in a structured and targeted manner. After a successful proof of concept, we set up a pilot project migrating around 10% of employees to the new system. They had been classified into user groups, or personas, based on their role in the organization and their associated technical requirements. These personas helped us to identify possible complications in advance and to provide custom solutions where needed. This approach contributed to excellent results across the board.

User adoption

Employees also received comprehensive, professional training on the new system. Working closely with Genesys and us, Randstad drew up a complete and customized training plan for each persona. The training had to be completely remote because of the pandemic and while this presented some challenges, all the employees were fully trained before the solution went live. This resulted in most employees being familiar with all the new features and fully operational from day one.

“We had a good feeling about this partnership from the outset. Not just because of the smart technology and extensive knowledge and expertise, but also because both parties [Genesys and NTT] share a desire to offer clients the best solution for all their business problems.”

Günther Ghijsels
Chief Digital and Information Officer at Randstad Group Belgium

A solution that scales up and down with their business needs

For Randstad, one of the key requirements was to make sure the platform could support their growth, but also that when there was lower demand, the cost model would be aligned with that business reality. A cloud model allows them to optimize the alignment between their sales and costs models.

Randstad employees can work seamlessly, from anywhere

The Genesys Cloud CX platform offers Randstad’s employees increased flexibility allowing them to connect with clients and potential candidates wherever they’re working from. This maximizes the value the Randstad advisers – who are often on the road – can deliver to their stakeholders.

Targeted and proactive interventions ensure ongoing availability

If the availability of the system is compromised, the relevant teams will be notified so the appropriate action can be taken. This takes place more quickly and in a more targeted way than ever before, thanks to the ability of the system to provide in-depth information on the current situation. This also provides additional insights into how best to support the organization as they expand, add or relocate branches, or see shifts in usage patterns.

Change management optimized thanks to monitoring

By monitoring usage patterns, they can continuously optimize the system to ensure maximum efficiency. This increased visibility has both boosted confidence in the system among management as well as driving adoption among team members.

High level of user satisfaction

Not only did employees adapt to the new system quickly, reports indicate that user-satisfaction rates are extremely high and complaints about telephony have dropped dramatically.

Ready for the next step

Randstad is already looking ahead to a future where their current range of telephony services integrates with other communication channels (including digital messaging platforms, Mobile, automation, AI and many more) on a single platform. This will improve their accessibility accessible to clients and candidates, while still providing a strong, human bond between the team members and clients and candidates.


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