Fast and intuitive into the German cloud: Always one step ahead with gridscale

gridscale provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service or Platform-as-a-Service systems to 6,000 customers and as they continued to grow their service in Germany they needed a secure and reliable data center partner. Partnering with our Global Data Centers division they were able to ensure they had access to facilities as flexible as their business model. This allows them to meet customer demands today and plan for their future global expansion.

Why gridscale cloud computing is easier than ever

To do business successfully, companies need a reliable and powerful infrastructure. However, tying up your own resources for this is not always sensible. gridscale offers companies more freedom through Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in the cloud.

For security-conscious companies in the German legal area cloud computing based on European security standards is essential. Today more than 6,000 companies rely on their platform. In addition to medium-sized companies, numerous system houses and digital agencies also use the gridscale platform to offer their own cloud services.

gridscale has exacting requirements from their infrastructure with clients expecting to be able to set up a secure cloud infrastructure in just a few minutes. On gridscale's dedicated German cloud, their customers are guaranteed 100% data protection, mitigating risk. In addition, the flexible resources allow clients to dynamically scale their requirements as demand changes. To be able to guarantee data protection and infrastructure availability, the entire gridscale solution is located in highly available colocated data centers.

They were, however, faced with the challenge that their existing provider no longer had the capacity to meet their needs.

‘The business model of the Global Data Centers division is very similar to ours in terms of flexibility. This is extremely important for us, as it is the only way we can react in an agile manner to customer requirements. The cooperation with NTT is really excellent.’

Henrik Hasenkamp , CEO, gridscale

How the gridscale cloud platform becomes an innovation driver

gridscale's success in based not only on availability and performance, but also on their simple user interface allowing the customer to configure their desired environment in just a few clicks. The user-friendly software, coupled with the underlying technology, is also available for smaller providers to build their own cloud solutions.

In order to support their growth strategy, gridscale needed a data center partner who could meet their increasing security requirements, as well as provide geo-redundant locations, and could match their own flexibility.

Our Global Data Centers in Europe met both requirements. In order to meet gridscale's criteria for a colocation data center our facilities had to meet tier 3 standards, offer a second location for geo-redundancy, and hold the required certifications. Against the background of planned growth, gridscale was looking for a partner who could offer added value and a financially attractive offer. We convinced them not only with our two highly available sites FRA1 and FRA3 in Frankfurt, but also with our flexibility and innovation.

What gridscale and NTT do together

As part of its strategy to become a software and technology provider, gridscale uses the colocation services in our FRA1 and FRA3 data centers, as well as our Technology Experience Lab in Frankfurt. Interested parties are given the opportunity to test the gridscale cloud technology for themselves without risk or obligation.

Our philosophy around flexibility matches that of gridscale with consumption-based billing optimizing, allowing them — and their customers — to only pay for what they use. They can also reach their goal of extending their global reach by taking advantage of our global data center footprint.

gridscale makes use of optimized, high-performance components from Supermicro Computer and network technology from Cisco and Juniper to power their cloud computing needs. Working together, NTT and gridscale are creating a prototype for ‘gridscale-in-a-box’.

This hyperconverged infrastructure will be optimized in terms of cooling performance, cooling distances and power supply, among other things, and then replicate the gridscsale environment at the Technology Experience Lab.