Contact center in the cloud boosts Euro-Center’s global assistance services

To achieve greater flexibility in providing assistance services to their customers across the world, Euro-Center decided to rebuild their contact center infrastructure. To eliminate their dependence on on-premises systems at individual locations, they switched their entire contact center to the Genesys Cloud platform.

The new solution was remotely deployed and is already enabling them to save costs by routing all calls through the cloud. Contact center agents can work from anywhere, using only a computer connected to the internet and a web browser. Local phone lines can now be easily set up anywhere in the world for customer voice calls.

The Genesys Cloud solution is scalable, provided as a managed service, and doesn’t involve any additional costs for Euro-Center to manage and administer on-premises hardware or software.

Client profile:

Euro-Center is one of the world’s leading medical assistance and claims handling companies. They handle more than 160,000 cases a year and operate four 24-hour medical assistance centers and eleven regional offices on different continents. This unique structure allows their customers to enjoy services anywhere in the world, while working with only one organization.


Increased flexibility, reduced costs and eliminating hardware issues

With their head office in Prague and offices around the world, Euro-Center relied on a diverse range of on-premises PBXs to connect with their customers. These systems required hands-on management and regular, costly upgrades. But as they provide assistance services to customers in more and more countries, they decided to deploy a unified communications solution to keep their team members connected, whether they were in the office, at home or anywhere else.

In addition to greater flexibility, that would enable them to deliver an exceptional customer service, they wanted the new communications solution to offer centralized management, as well as reducing the cost of in-house telephony by replacing their existing IP telephony environment with a cloud-based solution.

‘We were looking for a solution that would allow our employees to work from the office, from home or anywhere else, and we expected the same flexibility in call flow. Deploying a global contact center for all our branches and transferring all calls to the cloud seemed to be the best solution.’

Kévin Terret
Operations Manager, Euro-Center

Contact center migration to the cloud performed completely remotely

Working with Euro-Center, we proposed a complete transfer of the contact center and internal communication to the Genesys Cloud platform. This modern communication solution operates entirely in the cloud allowing them to dispense with the PBXs at individual sites. This also enabled them to provide their team members with a flexible solution when connecting with customers.

Our local capabilities in the Czech Republic, where Euro-Center is headquartered, also facilitated the negotiations for the new solution, enabling them to accelerate the decision to make the move to the Genesys Cloud platform for the global helpdesk provider’s complete communications infrastructure.

With their customers relying on them to be available 24/7, the migration had to be handled in a phased manner, on a site-by-site basis. Working together with Euro-Center we drew up a site-by-site migration plan. The carefully structured project plan allowed us to migrate all the sites remotely, which significantly lowered the cost of the migration process, and allowed us to continue the migration throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Where the deployment of telephones or teleconferencing equipment was required, we're able to send the pre-configured terminals to the branch office and connect them to the network there.

Along with the move to Genesys Cloud, we integrated the new contact center with Euro-Center’s own system for providing assistance services to customers.

As a provider of helpdesk services, Euro-Center’s primary focus has always been on interacting with their customers via voice calls. The Genesys Cloud platform enables them to extend the communication channels to include chat, email or SMS as they need. Depending on the requirements of their customers, Euro-Center can easily activate new communication channels – at no additional cost.

Leveraging our managed services capabilities, alongside our consulting services, allows Euro-Center to rapidly deploy new services. We also helped with the configuration of endpoint devices (headsets and IP phones), as well as training staff to work with the new contact center solution.

The entire solution enables Euro-Center to rapidly scale as the business grows, including adding new branches, relocating existing locations and accessing local lines for customer calls.

‘It’s too early to quantify specific financial savings, but we’re already benefiting from switching to a modern communications system that allows us to offer customers local phone numbers and more services, such as interactive callback or voicemail, so they can save money and not have to wait too long in the call queue.’

Kévin Terret
Operations Manager, Euro-Center

Maximum flexibility, customer comfort and cost savings

With the deployment of the new Genesys Cloud communication platform, Euro-Center now has a state-of-the-art contact center and internal communication solution across all their locations. The new solution has improved reliability and reduced the management overhead. Moving to an as a service model and transferring all calls to cloud will result in significant reductions in communications infrastructure spend, while providing them with a predictable view of their overall costs.

Complete location independence

Euro-Center agents only need a web browser and an internet connection to interact with their customers. This allows them to work from anywhere without compromising customer service or quality. Flexibility in meeting customer needs means Euro-Center now can quickly set up a new contact center line should customer demand require it.

Complete removal of hardware from branches

The move to a cloud-based communications solution has enabled Euro-Center to completely remove all on-premises systems, including the associated hardware. For Euro-Center, this means significant savings in management costs and the costs associated with hardware and software updates.

High-availability and security

Genesys Cloud builds on the robustness of the cloud to provide significantly higher availability while still meeting the highest security requirements, which are continuously monitored and updated – without the need for any intervention from Euro-Center.

Comfort and savings for customers

With the new solution, Euro-Center can provide their customers with local phone numbers based on the location where they are and where they need assistance, instead of the phone numbers of the countries where the branches are located. For customers, this means significant savings on call costs. In addition, intelligent call routing ensures that their requests are handled faster.