Cloud contact center migration enables Conrad Electronic to meet customer expectations

When Conrad Electronic needed to move their contact center to a remote working mode as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns they had to ensure that customer service was not impacted.

After an analysis of the situation, they decided to move from an on-premises solution to Genesys Cloud.

Working together with us they were able to pilot and migrate their entire contact center to the cloud in just a few days, without an impact on the customer experience.

With the success of this solution, they’re now deploying it to their operations in additional countries.

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Client profile

Conrad Electronic offers products and services for B2B and B2C customers online and in 19 branches across Germany. With subsidiaries in 16 European countries, the family company based in Hirschau is one of the leading omnichannel providers for convenient one-stop shopping.


Building on a legacy of excellent customer experience

Conrad Electronic provides the full spectrum of products to their customers, ranging from technology basics to specialized electronic equipment. They also provide a range of professional services to assist their customers meet their goals.

A foundation of their success has been their omnichannel approach; providing advanced e-procurement services alongside personal advice and support.

This personal touch has been critical in establishing them as a trusted partner. This trust is built on their team’s insight into the needs of each customer, enabling them to support them and simplify the procurement process.

At the heart of this is their contact center where their customers can make inquiries and access the expertise of the Conrad team.

At the start of 2020, when Germany instituted lockdowns as a result of COVID-19, they needed to move quickly to ensure their customers could continue to contact their agents, who were now all working from home.

“The solution we have now meets our needs from both a scalability and the flexibility perspective.”

Günther Oberhofer
Director IT Communication and Network, Conrad Electronic

Accelerating the cloud contact center migration

For Conrad Electronic it was essential that the move to remote working had no impact on the high service levels their customers had become accustomed to.

Technology has always been at the heart of their strategy, and they have a digital transformation strategy in place enabling them to move quickly to move their teams to a remote work environment.

Within three days 99% of their head office team were able to work remotely, but it was clear to them that an innovative solution was needed to allow their contact center team to deliver against customer experience expectations.

Their on-premises contact center platform couldn’t support user demands without limiting available functionality. After an analysis of their options, the Conrad team decided to adopt Genesys Cloud as their preferred platform.

Moving quickly from one platform to another wasn’t a simple task. They needed to provision and commission the system in just a few days while ensuring a seamless transition from the previous technology without any impact on the customers.

To ensure a smooth deployment they worked with us to create a system that allowed the existing system to integrate with the new, cloud-based, solution.

Calls were still received via the existing on-premises solution but immediately handed off to the cloud-based system for routing to the individual agents.

Our team replicated this environment as a proof of concept, after which it was immediately deployed in Conrad Electronic’s live environment.

Following this success, they switched all their customer service agents to the Genesys cloud environment a few days later. The agents were onboarded within a day and were able to work from home without restrictions.

They’ve subsequently also migrated Conrad Austria’s contact center to the Genesys platform.

“We had to act quickly due to the pandemic, and NTT’s expertise was critical in ensuring that we could continue to meet our customer service commitments.”

Günther Oberhofer
Director IT Communication and Network, Conrad Electronic

Delivering exceptional customer service anywhere, anytime

The move to the Genesys Cloud platform enabled Conrad Electronic to maintain their high customer service level, even when their agents had to work from home as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Working together we were able to move from the initial requirement, deploy a proof of concept and take the entire solution live in just a few days.

As a result, 99% of their team were able to continue working from home with no reduction in functionality.

“The solution we have now meets our needs from both a scalability and the flexibility perspective,” says Günther Oberhofer, Director of IT Communication and Networks at Conrad Electronic. "We had to act quickly due to the pandemic, and NTT’s expertise was critical in ensuring that we could continue to meet our customer service commitments."

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