Crompton Greaves wanted to migrate to a cloud-enabled solution that met their requirements for performance, reliability and cost. They leveraged NTT DATA’s expertise in migrating large, business-critical applications to the cloud. Partnering with us, they were able to overcome concerns about cloud security and performance, resulting in significant scalability, agility and cost benefits.

Business need

Business need

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The need for a cloud-based solution

Crompton Greaves functions on the pillars of brand, portfolio, go-to-market, operational and organizational excellence to enable them to meet their vision. Their existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was reaching its physical capacity and needed to scale to meet increasing demands. Their recent acquisition of another leading Indian brand was one of the reasons for this.

Consequently, they were considering migrating to a cloud-based solution but were concerned about performance, reliability and cost. Our long-standing association with the client led to them choosing us for this engagement.



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Cloud-enabled database transition

We enabled Crompton Greaves to migrate their ERP to our SAP-certified cloud-hosting solution, SimpliHANA. As part of the engagement, four SAP HANA database instances with high memory capacity (>1 TB) on the primary site were migrated to our SAP HANA cloud. In addition, the disaster-recovery (DR) setup was also migrated.

We worked with the client in several areas:

  • NTT DATA’s agile, scalable cloud solution: We offered a hybrid cloud setup based on our on-demand public cloud (SimpliHANA) for the HANA database infrastructure, integrated with our on-demand private cloud (SimpliVPC), which were already hosting the application workloads.
  • Derisked SAP-aligned approach: The adopted approach was based on our assessment of the client’s infrastructure setup and followed SAP best practices for a completely derisked migration.
  • End-to-end migration: This included application assessment, migration and postmigration support.
  • Zero business impact: Our approach to migration enabled Crompton Greaves to maintain business as usual both during and after the migration, while allowing for scalability.
  • Managed services: We took complete ownership of the project, including last-mile infrastructure and application migration.
  • Private cloud vs public cloud: Working with us, the client was able to address their concerns about multitenant public cloud security and performance by opting for our HANA community-cloud service.

The entire migration project was completed in just under two and a half months.



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Enhancing scalability, performance and agility with strong cost benefits

The client was able to migrate seamlessly to the cloud and successfully transition their database with zero downtime or impact on performance. The success of the engagement further fortified the partnership between us and the client, improving scope for further opportunities.


Ability to scale resources on-demand to meet peak usage (such as month-end) without additional hardware investment.


SAP HANA cloud ensures performance comparable to the bare-metal setup.


Migration included both data center and DR migration for redundancy.

Reduced costs

Potential cost savings of 25% to 30% compared to on-premises infrastructure.


Ability to respond quickly to changing business needs.

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