NTT Technical Infrastructure Services (TIS) collaborated with NTT in India to train over 200 engineers in Cisco DevNet certification. Working together, we delivered a blended and customized training model that included virtual instructor-led sessions, hands-on labs, and mock tests. The training improved their skills, knowledge and productivity through flexible learning paths, on-demand recordings and a dedicated portal for mock tests, all of which ultimately ensured that the learners were fully prepared, saving significant costs and resources.

Business need

Business need

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Training resources in the emerging field of DevNet

DevNet is a program that helps developers and IT professionals code applications and develop integrations with OEM products, platforms, and APIs. It includes OEM products in software-defined networking, security, cloud, data center, IoT, collaboration, and open-source software development.

NTT TIS wanted to train 200 of their engineers on this relatively new field. A Cisco DevNet certification would help them develop a competitive edge in the market by showcasing their proficiency in modern networking technologies and their ability to work with a variety of tools and technologies. It would also allow NTT TIS to demonstrate their ability to develop and deploy innovative applications that drive business outcomes and enhance customer experiences.

To achieve this goal, NTT TIS needed a reliable learning management partner to train and support their engineers. They chose us for our extensive experience in customized training programs and technology-enabled learning methodologies. Our training programs and flexible learning solutions were designed to meet the specific needs of the NTT TIS team, and they were available in various formats, such as classroom-based, virtual, and self-paced learning.

"This was the biggest certification exercise we did at TIS and in a new skill area of DevNet. The NTT learning services team put in a lot of thought and produced a training model, including instructor-led classes, labs, mock tests, which made the participants confident of cracking the certification exams."

Ravi Kalghatgi
Vice President – Tech Infrastructure  Services GDC


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Upskilling resources through a customized training approach

NTT TIS wanted to train their network engineers, who had varying levels of experience in DevNet. The training content was designed to cater to a wide range of resources, from graduate trainees to engineers with over 12 years of experience. Our training approach involved the following:

  • Discovery workshop
  • Customized training model
  • Pre and post training tests and quizzes
  • A custom-developed portal for mock tests
  • Mock test validation

The customized training model included virtual instructor-led training sessions as well as hands-on labs. The training effectiveness was evaluated through pre- and post-training tests and questionnaires. Recordings of every learning session were made available to attendees, and a portal was developed for mock tests to mirror the actual Cisco DevNet certification exam.



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A custom training model that delivered outstanding outcomes

Our collaboration with NTT TIS has resulted in numerous benefits for the network engineers involved in the program:

  • Improved skills and knowledge: The training program enabled network engineers with varying levels of industry experience to enhance their knowledge of DevNet.
  • Increased productivity: Hands-on labs allowed the learners to apply their newly acquired skills in the real-world environment and become more productive in their day-to-day tasks.
  • Flexibility and convenience: The virtual nature of the training made it easy for the learners to attend the sessions from any location, eliminating the need for travel and allowing them to fit the training into their schedules.
  • Access to recordings: Recordings helped learners review the sessions and improve their comprehension and retention.
  • Portal for mock tests: Using the portal we developed for mock tests, which mirrored the actual Cisco DevNet certification exam, learners were able to prepare for the actual exam and improve their confidence in the subject.
  • Mock test validation service: Only those who cleared the mock test were allowed to take the actual OEM exam. This ensured that the learners were fully prepared and had the necessary skills to clear the certification exam while also saving cost and resources.

At the end of the engagement, NTT TIS achieved the target of having their select pool of over 200 engineers trained and certified in DevNet. They were satisfied with the end-outcomes, as highlighted in their feedback.

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