Zendesk can focus on service thanks to a service-focused data center partner 

Together with Zendesk, we’re helping them stay close to their customers. Zendesk, Inc. is a cloud-based customer service platform with offices in eleven countries and headquarters in San Francisco, California. They bring organizations and their customers closer together through its customer support, self-service and proactive engagement applications. In 2011, Zendesk established an innovative IT pod in NTT’s Sacramento Data Center. Over subsequent years, our service-first approach impressed the Zendesk team. For example, our remote hands and eyes teams help Zendesk keep their servers operational, and security services keep Zendesk’s IT pods safe from intruders. The Sacramento facility’s 2N+2 redundant power and cooling architecture ensures that Zendesk’s cloud servers are always up and running. The data center also offers maximum scalability, and dedicated client support teams work closely with Zendesk to expand their data center footprint as their business grows. In 2013, Zendesk decided to implement an additional pod at our Ashburn, Virginia data center. 


Zendesk operates multiple technology pods in data centers spread throughout the US. Each pod runs the full stack of their solutions. In 2011, they were looking for a data center partner to help them build out a new set of pods.

They needed a provider who could offer solid systems around power, environment and security. Zendesk also required abundant space to house their servers and expand as their business grew. People-focused account and service teams were also important, including reliable on-site technicians to help them stay up and running.

Our Sacramento data center and 24/7 remote hands and eyes support technicians fit the bill almost exactly. In 2011, they moved in — followed by further expansion to our Ashburn, Virginia campus two years later.

Why Sacramento? 

Low-cost power: 40% lower cost of power in Sacramento than San Francisco, Low disaster risk: There have been no major earthquakes in Sacramento for more than 100 years. It’s a separate seismic zone and power grid from the Bay Area, Low-latency network: Less than a three-millisecond round trip to the Bay Area.

‘Since our own business is built around customer support, we value vendors like NTT who provide exceptional service with a customer focus in mind.’ 
Steve Loyd, VP of Engineering Operations , Zendesk


Zendesk is a people-focused SaaS provider and ensuring consistent service and support to their customers is at the top of their list of priorities. It’s critical that their cloud-based Help Center platform, voice applications, and social tools are always up and running. Even a short IT failure would take their business offline and disrupt their customer service efforts.

Our Sacramento data center was a natural fit for Zendesk because we could offer them 2N+2 power architecture including an on-site substation, generators and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) rooms.

Multiple levels of power and cooling redundancy greatly reduce the risk of an outage and the need for disaster recovery – a top priority for Zendesk.

Our Sacramento data center offers unequaled service and support through dedicated, on-site client success, 24/7 in-house security and remote hands and eyes teams.


Because of the nature of their customer service business, high availability, scalability, and 24/7 on-site support teams are top priorities for Zendesk. Our Sacramento and Ashburn data centers met those needs.

24/7 uptime

Zendesk has never had an issue with server availability, nor experienced a power or cooling event in either of our Sacramento or Ashburn facilities.

Disaster recovery

Thanks to the reliability of our Ashburn and Sacramento data centers, if one of Zendesk’s IT pods experiences an outage or failure outside of our network, they can rely on our facilities and our people to help with disaster recovery.

Client success teams

Our dedicated, on-site client success teams can analyze Zendesk’s utilization, help them understand their growth patterns and coordinate with their team to proactively reserve additional server space.

IT footprint

Zendesk can optimize their footprint and scale with confidence because they know that our people will be there to assist with whatever they need.