Consolidation of vendors and services simplifies and drives success for Axonify

Together with Axonify we leveraged Cisco Webex to improve their audio-conferencing and collaboration environment. While Axonify were happy with their Cisco environment they needed a partner with a greater focus on service. Working with us they ensured that not only do they have full control over their calling and collaboration environments, but have been able to increase call capacity, simplify billing, and use meeting spaces more efficiently.

Axonify needed improved customer support for the Webex platform

Though the team behind this powerhouse learning platform is based in Ontario, Canada, they have clients around the world – on six continents, to be exact. Cheri Doherty, Senior Manager, IT, is responsible for purchasing and maintaining the telephony, software tools and computer network at Axonify, as well as offering support to their global team of 150. 'Axonify had been using Webex from the start to reach our global clients and make sales calls, though we were purchasing it through another third-party provider.' Though the team liked the Webex tool, the customer support was not at the level Axonify required, so they began looking at other options. Eventually Doherty and her team began purchasing their Webex tool directly from Cisco and were quite happy with the service and support provided by Cisco. However, they still had a few other challenges with their conferencing tools:
  • Users were sharing Webex accounts. In order to control costs, only certain staff members had login credentials, which were shared among colleagues, often leading to double-booked meetings.
  • Axonify had a separate audio-conferencing provider for audio-only calls. This meant employees had multiple tools to choose from, and staff had multiple vendors and billings to manage each month.
  • Video conferencing tools were being deployed to eight meeting rooms that needed easy interoperability with Webex. When faced with these challenges, and being notified of a change to Cisco’s delivery model, Cisco recommended Axonify work with a third-party provider yet again, which Axonify was a bit hesitant to do. Of the partners recommended by Cisco, Axonify was pleased with us, a Cisco partner with a good reputation for delivering audio services through our Cloud Connected Audio offering.

‘Our NTT sales representative reached out, and I had some great conversations with him. We were so impressed with NTT’s capabilities, we went with them. They’ve really stepped up to the plate. I’m very pleased,’ said Doherty.

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Which technologies?

Webex Meetings with Cloud Connected Audio

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Which partners?


‘You can tell NTT knows what it’s doing with audio conferencing. The lines don’t drop and our calls are just crystal clear.’
Cheri Doherty , Senior Manager, IT and Administration, Axonify

Axonify received a seamless communication experience

We were able to offer Cisco Webex to all Axonify employees using an Active Host model, which meant each employee had their own Webex credentials and the end of embarrassing double bookings. Call attendance also improved: users could host calls with up to 1,000 participants, up from just 25 attendees. Our team also paired the Webex experience with NTT Cloud Connected Audio.

Axonify’s audio and web conferencing will soon be rolled into one consolidated solution; users will experience clearer audio and the IT team will have a single vendor and billing to manage each month. The video conferencing rooms could also now easily connect with Webex, delivering a seamless communication experience from the desktop to the boardroom.

Axonify’s conferencing sounds better than ever before

Seamless conferencing makes our day-to-day jobs easier, but does it really impact a business? Yes, says Axonify. Axonify’s calls and Webex meetings sound better than ever before. ‘You can tell NTT knows what it’s doing with audio conferencing. The lines don’t drop and our calls are just crystal clear.’

The NTT team behind the migration impressed Doherty, ‘The customer service person I worked with on the migration was phenomenal. His attention to detail and professionalism were outstanding. I couldn’t have been happier.’

Axonify knows the importance of educating employees and has found that our ongoing support and education on the new communications systems to be aligned with what they expect from a vendor.