SAP on AWS: destination or journey

Moving SAP to AWS has been on both the leading and trailing edges of the trend of moving to public cloud. Should SAP be your anchor, or should it be the last application you move to the public cloud? The answer depends entirely on your strategy. 

Key outcomes

Key outcomes

Cost and resource optimization

Drive cost reduction, while maximizing business value.


Scale up or down quickly and efficiently.

Mitigated infrastructure risk and complexity

Reduce risk with secure-by-design solutions. 

Enhanced security and compliance

Security, governance and compliance integrated into every phase of the implementation.
Success stories
See the connection – NTT and Amway

Amway bolsters financial business system productivity and elevates global service levels

By partnering with us, Amway accelerated moving their enterprise software implementations off-site, while maintaining 24/7 service levels. 



World-class Basis and SAP support


Industry-leading application-level SLAs


Integrated security and compliance


Highly skilled SAP- and AWS-certified experts
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