An innovative outlook on next-generation security

Traditional businesses were built around security principles that mistrust everything outside the protected area or perimeter. But with newer, unconventional business models, this concept has evolved to accommodate the diminishing boundaries of the new-age workplace. A highly mobile workforce and borderless technologies like the cloud are forcing organizations to adopt a zero trust approach to security.

Key outcomes

Key outcomes


Protect against unauthorized use of privileged identities, while minimizing data breaches and outages associated with uncontrolled access.

Unified access

Gain unified, remote access with single sign-on across on-premises, infrastructure as a service and software-as-a-service-applications. 


We build on top of the data in our Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) framework to generate new insights. 


Using recursive domain name services (DNS) together with industry-leading threat intelligence to protect enterprises against malware, phishing and other threats.  



Our security specialists mitigate billions of security events annually


Enjoy superior customer experiences with comprehensive managed services


Our leading global technology services delivery enables financial stability


We invest in R&D to ensure we’re delivering groundbreaking services
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