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We deliver Private 5G as a Service for pressured healthcare, automotive and manufacturing enterprises. Our turnkey Private 5G network provides a custom-built 5G implementation, managing every aspect – design, build, integration, solutions, management and optimization. We craft custom solutions specifically for each individual client, designed around their use cases and strategies, and deployed, run and optimized as a full Network as a Service.

Use cases

Key outcomes

Business and operational security

Migrations and processes assured and aligned to regulations thanks to effective network security.

High-speed operational performance

New levels of high-speed operational performance thanks to continuous network availability. 

Control and ownership 

Complete control and ownership of every aspect of business development and delivery.

Agility to respond 

Inherent flexibility and inbuilt learning of the Private 5G network to adapt to change.

Global scalability and connectivity 

Global scalability and connectivity enabling you to meet geographical demands and connect your employees and devices wherever they go.

Purpose built for your unique needs 

A network that is purpose-built for your unique needs, which is lightweight, enterprise-class and in your control. 



Leading network and security solutions


Build solutions, integrations and collaboration quickly


Continual monitoring, reporting and enhancements


Global services, deployment and SIMs with full NOC
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