Carrier-neutral services powered by our redundant, resilient network

We provide customized solutions to organizations that face frequent downtimes and outages, issues with media delivery and quality, inability to scale on demand and expensive, rigid commercials models. Delivered across all of our data centers in India, we leverage point-to-point connectivity to support external locations as well.

Our Protected Bandwidth Solution ensures that critical international connectivity requirements are routed on alternate paths in the event of a primary fiber failure, thereby providing maximum redundancy and the highest uptime levels.

Key outcomes

Key outcomes

Multiple service models

Choose the model you need between capped or ethernet bandwidth and customized connectivity for high bandwidth requirements.

Reliable and predictable

With the highest uptime level in the industry – 99.9% – we’ve built in redundancy through access from multiple service providers.


We offer customizable plans to meet shifting needs and manage heavy traffic, and a gigabit port for high-bandwidth requirements.

Transparent billing

Available on our premium and advanced options, our burstable billing model ensures you have clarity of your bandwidth services costs. 



Largest SD-WAN and VPN footprint across 190+ countries


Extensive track record across multivendor enterprise networks


Our network capabilities deliver a competitive edge 


Annual R&D investments ensure we deliver groundbreaking services
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