Our Frankfurt data centers are some of the largest in Europe

Frankfurt has become the leading data center and colocation market in Germany as it is the country’s financial capital and also a major technology hub. The city is rich in fiber and is home to the DE-CIX, one of the world’s largest internet exchange points. Our Frankfurt data centers, formerly operated under the e-shelter brand for over 20 years, provide services to hyperscalers and enterprises who require secure, reliable and flexible environments for their IT infrastructure.

See the connection – NTT and All for One

Prepared for growth: All for One optimizes their data center architecture

Working with us, All for One moved nearly 3,000 virtual client systems to our Frankfurt 1 Data Center in 98 days with no downtime.
See the connection – NTT and gridscale

Always one step ahead for the German cloud with gridscale

Partnering with us, gridscale were able to support their IaaS and PaaS business model, enabling their future global expansion plans.
See the connection – NTT and trans-o-flex

Secure data center and cloud on demand for trans-o-flex

trans-o-flex’s logistics applications leverage our Frankfurt Data Center to ensure that their 7,000 users can rely on an always-on and stable user experience.

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