Why network modernization requires secure access service edge (SASE)

The rise of the distributed workforce and the adoption of new digital channels have pushed organizations’ IT infrastructures further to the edge. With the workforce, apps and data dispersed across locations, IT teams are challenged to provide secure, authorized access while maintaining a high-quality experience across devices and locations.

With business models changing significantly, networking and security can no longer work in silos. Recently introduced by Gartner, the secure access service edge (SASE) framework is converging networking and security into a single integrated service that works at the cloud edge to deliver protection and performance in one simplified approach.

Download the guide to SASE to find out how to build a resilient network that:

  • Brings agility to help you adapt to a continuously changing world
  • Safely moves access control closer to where it’s needed
  • Delivers a seamless, secure user experience across any application, from any device, at any time

Download this guide for practical steps to securely achieve your network modernization objectives and streamline networking and security in the cloud.

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