Connecting the dots between enterprise security and private 5G

If you’re considering private 5G for your enterprise, you’d do well to optimize your investment by opting for a private rather than public solution. Private networks are dedicated to a specific location, allowing for more stringent network security and enterprise control. They can be tightly integrated with the existing enterprise LAN and provide tailored services leveraging the private licensed spectrum. This will translate into better control and visibility of your overall enterprise security posture. Learn more about our recommendations in our Private 5G security white paper, or book a workshop with our team.

We believe there are two key considerations to bear in mind for private 5G and security

5G is natively more secure…

The truth is that standard Wi-Fi networks simply can’t provide the level of security that modern businesses require. Private 5G technology attempts to bring this natively, thanks to the security protocols inherent in these networks.

… but its efficacy depends on the correct architecture and deployment

As 5G is new and relatively untested in the enterprise space, proven enterprise security elements must augment a private 5G deployment to sidestep potential pitfalls. Likewise, while the transmission medium of 5G is highly secure, if it’s not thoughtfully approached, it’s possible that you’ll fail to realize the improved data privacy and security outcomes you expect.



Expertise in design

Engineers with expertise in network and security to shape your network around your workforce and existing infrastructure, building an outcome-centered network infrastructure.


Build solutions, integrations and collaboration

Add in relevant network solutions, build the network from scratch, implement and switch on fast, and manage integrations with existing networks and systems.


Management and continual optimization

Full services management of the network with continual monitoring, reporting, including data, use cases, industrial specific delivery and security by design. Continual optimization of the network is part of the service. 


Global delivery and enablement

Global deployment and SIMs, global services and full network operations center (NOC) delivery.


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