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Low latency, high speed data connectivity in Berlin

The German capital of Berlin is a vibrant city attracting people and businesses alike. Its geographic location, large number of highly educated professionals, and international flair fuel Berlin’s economic expansion. Today, the city is recognized as one of Germany’s data center hotspots as we commission our second building this summer at Berlin 1 Data Center, which will offer 15,500 m2 of data center space, making it our third largest location in Germany.

In May 2021, one of the leading internet exchanges in the world – NL-ix – joined our interconnection ecosystem by establishing a point of presence (PoP) in our Berlin 1 Data Center. Our clients can now directly access all peering and routing services NL-ix offers, delivering over 450 new peers to the German capital. ‘In times of home offices and cloud services, businesses are increasingly dependent on reliable and high-performance connections. This is why we are continuously expanding our connectivity services,’ emphasizes Jens Möller, Director Direct Sales of NTT’s Global Data Centers EMEA division. ‘By integrating NL-ix into our interconnection ecosystem, our clients in the Berlin 1 Data Center can reach NL-ix's partner networks directly and without detours. This allows us to offer them internet connectivity at the highest level.’

When it comes to data connections, companies are looking for low latency, high bandwidth and high availability. With the NL-ix PoP located directly in our Berlin 1 Data Center, our clients can choose from a wide variety of peering and interconnection options. Based on their needs, clients can directly connect to major players, benefit from lower latency and improve their overall user experience, just to name a few advantages. Organizations can save a significant amount of traffic to other major exchange locations e.g. in Frankfurt, and benefit from advanced backup routing alternatives for redundancy. Additionally, secure network topologies can be implemented and the reachability towards many other relevant markets across Europe can be optimized.

A benefit for all our clients: The interconnection ecosystem of NL-ix can be accessed easily from all our data centers where our clients can directly connect to the global infrastructure of their choice. More than 1,100 cloud, SaaS, telecommunication service providers and internet exchanges can be reached through our interconnection platform, which acts as the central switching point for all networking requirements.

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