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As technologies become increasingly mobile, our reliance on wireless network access increases in step

Within indoor or outdoor venues such as stadiums and concert arenas – or other areas where there’s a dense population of users and wireless devices (e.g., warehouses, airports, plants) – traditional networks can become overtaxed. This limits network operability from a throughput, latency and jitter perspective. Achieving reliable, often mission-critical, wireless connectivity poses a challenge unique to these types of locations. Many times, Wi-Fi and public LTE networks fail to deliver acceptable service levels of throughput and latency when they become overutilized – which tends to happen frequently across public areas and environments across cities and communities.

It’s one of the reasons why organizations that conduct business in densely occupied public or private areas consider moving their critical business operations technologies to a private mobile network for improved efficiency and privacy.

When architecting wireless access in highly congested or high-density areas, two options typically come to mind:
  1. Redesign the Wi-Fi network for high-density deployments. While this can alleviate some network congestion issues, it significantly increases the implementation cost of the network while not completely solving the issue of how to transport mission-critical traffic with guaranteed levels of per-application quality of service (QoS).
  2. Rely on public LTE (even public 5G mobile networks) services for mission-critical communication and application purposes during peak occupancy hours. Again, while this option may alleviate issues on some occasions, there’s a high chance that if the business Wi-Fi is becoming over congested with too many users or devices attempting to connect, the public carrier networks are likely experiencing similar issues with over-utilization.
Companies can use our Private 5G platform and private mobile network that operates in the interference-free Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum in the US. Other spectrum is being made available internationally to deliver an ‘express lane’ experience for mission-critical applications and essential digital infrastructure operated by staff members. This backhaul functionality at peak usage times will enable companies to no longer be concerned about coverage, performance and security when it comes to adopting digital initiatives to run their business – even in the middle of increasing congestion within the Wi-Fi or public mobile network.

Whether indoors or out, our Private 5G mobile networks can be rapidly deployed to provide dedicated network resources in a variety of venue use cases including the real time streaming of voice and video communications, secure point-of-sale (POS) services, mobile event management tools and ticketing applications. Thanks to micro-slicing within the platform, each application and device group can be assigned specific set of network access rules and service level agreement (SLA) for throughput, latency and packet error rate. This allows for predictable performance on any critical application, going beyond simple QoS mechanisms applied within typical networks. 5G is the fifth generation of cellular wireless technology and the new standard for mobile communications. It offers lower latency, higher data transfer speed, higher reliability – and more capacity to carry a larger number of connections – than previous standards. For more information on ‘the what and why’ around 5G, please read our review of 5G networking technology. Private 5G networking will be a true enabler for business growth as it was designed to address various use cases across verticals, all within the same private mobile network, using the respective enhancements of that network.

Our Private 5G solution’s innovative, industrial-grade wireless network connects your onsite and remote teams and devices from the edge to the cloud. Empower your employees with the speed, control, security and complete coverage needed to transform your customer, digital and employee experience. Find our more and contact an expert today.