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More than 1,000 attendees at MWC Barcelona 2024 discovered how NTT DATA helps businesses leverage the latest technology capabilities to achieve growth, faster.

As the Connected Industries Manufacturing Lead and VIP Dinner Sponsor we hosted a number of keynote addresses, roundtable discussions and experiential demonstrations as we explored the topics that matter most for sustainable business transformation.

During the event, NTT DATA displayed a collection of innovative ideas, and use cases. These included transforming the ecosystem, to diversifying business models, monetizing networks and data, combining private 5G, IoT and OT with edge computing, and other innovations for applying AI and GenAI at scale.

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content streams

  • Connectivity-driven transformation
  • Accelerate revenue
  • Intelligent networks and Private 5G innovation



thought-leadership sessions

  • Cloud service providers (CSPs) data center orchestration
  • Space-connected P5G fueling digital transformation
  • Open RAN smart mobility 5G network AI connectivity
  • Sustainability Industry 4.0
  • Growth and efficiency
  • Monetization
  • Hyperautomation slicing
  • Dissagregated network IOWN
  • Hyperautomation through the extended 5G ecosystem



demos and use cases

These included transforming the ecosystem, to diversifying business models, monetizing networks and data, combining private 5G, IoT and OT with edge computing, and other innovations for applying AI and GenAI at scale.



How we can help

Private 5G delivers comprehensive, secure private network services
Our turnkey private 5G network enables custom-built solutions that are designed around unique use cases and strategies, and deployed, run and optimized through a full network-as-a-service model.
Edge Compute Services
NTT’s managed Edge Compute Services help to expand your digital footprint, delivering real-time analysis and data processing with high performance and low latency.
IoT for Edge as a Service
Our IoT solution portfolio delivers an end-to-end approach to convert data into strategy and action, with comprehensive execution support, while allowing you focus of achieving your business outcomes, including your sustainability goals.
Meet our Team
Meet our experts and executives

Taro Nakao

Head of Global Telecom, Global Marketing HQ, NTT DATA

Taro is the Head of Telecom, Global Marketing, bringing with him a strong telco background and extensive skills set reaching across strategy, business and client management. Having spent the last 20 years at NTT DATA. Taro believes in the value of innovation. He is invested in technological developments within the telecom space, especially where it has the ability to positively influence network disaggregation, improving business collaboration and agility.

Teodoro López Palacios

Global Head of Telecom & Media, NTT DATA, EMEAL

Teodoro has more than 25 years of experience in multinational consulting and IT services firms across Spain and Latin America. He currently serves as Global Client Executive at NTT DATA Europe & Latam for Telefónica and serves on the Steering Committee of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in São Paulo, Brazil. At NTT DATA, Teodoro strives to make human capital the greatest asset for improving the business journey.

Shahid Ahmed

Executive Vice President, New Ventures and Innovation

Shahid leads NTT's New Ventures and Innovation/Edge Group. NTT's Edge leverages Emerging Technologies, Private 5G, Edge Compute, IoT, and Cellular Connectivity to digitize the physical environment and enable the AI/ML visions of the future. Shahid brings over 30 years of experience across various industries. He is an appointee to the FCC's Technological Advisory Council and is a visiting professor at Northwestern University's McCormick School of Engineering.

Miriam Murphy

Chief Executive Officer, Europe

Miriam leads our European businesses using her extensive experience across the region. She believes strongly in the power of technology as a business enabler and as an overall force for good societally and economically. Her experience in business transformation and integration at scale, including go-to-market strategies and workforce enablement, supports our clients and ecosystem in driving value and innovation, grow and transform.

Parm Sandhu

President, Enterprise 5G Products and Services

Parm Sandhu, Vice President, Enterprise 5G Products and Services, NTT Ltd. Parm is responsible for driving new digital experiences, offerings and technologies that create growth and help companies drive transformational change. Parm has over 30 years of experience leading transformative initiatives including Wireless IoT Connectivity Services Strategy and Planning, 4G and 5G products and service development, Broadband and FTTH services development, Private and Public Wireless Networks and Telecom Inside Plant operations.

Rika Nakazawa

VP New Ventures and Innovation -Smart Cities and JMNCs

Rika is a technology leader, angel investor, best-selling author and frequent public speaker on technology-powered industry transformation. She is Global Vice President of NTT DATA's New Ventures & Innovation team, where she is building agile coinnovation practices for emerging technologies like 5G, edge computing, AI, and IoT. 

Devin Yaung

Senior Vice President, Enterprise IoT Products and Services

Devin is the Global Lead of IoT for NTT. NTT's IoT capabilities focus on solving business challenges such as sustainability leveraging our end to end capabilities enabled by the One NTT value proposition.
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