Join our virtual iNTTerconnected summit and explore the new approach to edge digitization.

Accelerating change is challenging organizations as they strive to adjust and leverage new opportunities. As they transform, the amount of data being generated continues to grow exponentially – especially with the increasing use of audio and video devices, automation and growing instrumentation of enterprise facilities. For example, it’s estimated that a typical smart factory generates 5 petabytes a week and hospitals produce 50 petabytes of data per year (World Economic Forum). It's believed that less than 1% of that data is analyzed and acted upon in real-time. Network and storage costs, security requirements and performance issues are leaving enterprises disillusioned with cloud-only strategies.

A holistic cloud strategy must consider edge architecture. This resurgence of moving compute back to the edge is driven by the lower cost of edge devices, greater computing power and advances in artificial intelligence.

Join us as we showcase the amazing innovations happening in Connected Industries. We’ll explore how leading enterprises are leveraging edge technologies to optimize data collection and enable quicker responses to generated data.

During the summit, Errol Rasit, Managing Vice President for the Emerging Technologies and Trends (ETT) Group, Gartner® and clients including Zach Nimboorkar, Senior vice president of global IT infrastructure and operations at Schneider Electric and Dave Bushee, Senior Vice President of Logistics Technology at Penske Logistics will share their Connected Industries experiences. You’ll hear from NTT’s Rika Nakazawa, Vice President, Connected Industry and Shahid Ahmed, Executive Vice President for New Ventures and Innovation and member of the US FCC Technological Advisory Council how we deliver what customers want, automate and optimize business processes, enabling them to dynamically respond to changing market forces.

Calendar  Tuesday, 15 March 2022, 11:00 - 12:00 EDT

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Welcome and introduction

Rika Nakazawa, Vice President, Connected Industry

Emerging Tech - Merging what is, with what's possible

A session by Shahid Ahmed, NTT's EVP for New Ventures and Innovation and Errol Rasit, Managing Vice President for the Emerging Technologies and Trends (ETT) Group, Gartner®.
Shahid and a Errol will reflect on new technology horizons. They’ll discuss emerging technologies including digital twins, smart solutions, private 5G, IoT and more.

Panel with industry leaders: Explore real-world edge deployments that are transforming Connected Industries

Led by: Rika Nakazawa, Vice President, Connected Industry
Industry leaders and NTT clients share how they’ve capitalized on the power of new technologies to accelerate digitalization during the pandemic.

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