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As electrification and vehicle autonomy become the norm, automakers everywhere will need to shift from the model of mass production and vehicle hardware sales. For Tier 1s, there will be a significant focus on evolving the supply chain.

We look forward to participating in Electric Vehicle Asia (EVA) 2024 in Bangkok this July, where we will connect with other industry players from the region and share our electric vehicle (EV) solutions. Electric Vehicle Asia is a valuable platform for EV specialists, policymakers, researchers and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, explore collaboration opportunities and make deals. The event has a long history in Thailand and features the most advanced technologies in EV infrastructure, systems, parts and batteries from top global brands.

At the event, we will share our expertise in the automotive industry. During a panel discussion, we’ll highlight our Emobility Solutions, which focus on users and data, with sustainability as a priority. We'll also explain how we can support EV adoption and respond to the changing needs of EV drivers.

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Meet us at Electric Vehicle Asia in Bangkok

When: 3 to 5 July 2024

Where: Stand G29, Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

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Booth topics

Booth topics

At the event, we will introduce our latest global and regional industry solutions, use cases and success stories at our booth, including:

1. NXT-CMS (emobility solution): Singapore
2. NXT-EDP (emobility data platform): Singapore
3. EV customer journey extends to energy-optimization, leveraging GenAI: China
4. EV integrated virtual power plant (concept/case study): Japan
5. Emobility and bidirectional charging (concept / case study): Germany

During the event, we will also present our thought leadership and client success stories relating to EV and the emobility ecosystem.


Event speakers

Henriette Gonsior

Practice Lead, E-Mobility Consulting, NTT DATA Deutschland

Shin Yoshinaga

Lead, Global Automotive, NTT DATA Group Corporation

Dr. Diana Warnecke

Principal | Public & Energy, NTT DATA Deutschland

Megan Wang

Vice President, Digital Marketing Lead, NTT DATA China

Wilfred Tan

Head, Platform Services, NTT DATA Singapore

Keiko Hori

Senior Manager, NTT DATA Japan, Automotive Team

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