Email and Electronic Communications Disclaimer

This disclaimer applies to any electronic communications sent by or on behalf of NTT Ltd. and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as the ‘NTT Ltd. Group’).  Electronic communications include (i) emails, links in emails, and their attachments; (ii) electronic messages or chats; (iii) information, text, data, graphics, images, files, documents, audio, video, code, software or other content shared through collaboration or other content sharing sites and platforms and chat-based workspaces.

Recipient: Electronic communications are intended for the named recipients only. If that is not you and you have received the electronic communication:

  • Please notify the sender using the contact details contained in the electronic communication. If this is not possible then notify the sender using the quickest means possible (email, telephone or mobile phone). You must delete the electronic communication you received once you have notified the sender.
  • You must not forward, copy or otherwise share or transmit the electronic communication or any of its contents to any person other than the named sender.
  • You may not print, save or otherwise store the electronic communication l or any of its contents in electronic or physical form.

Confidentiality: The electronic communication and its contents are confidential, unless specifically stated or if this is manifestly clear from the context (such as press releases and other official statements). If you are not certain whether the email is confidential, please check with the sender. Do not add the sender’s email address or number to a database for the purposes of direct electronic marketing without their consent.

Privacy: The NTT Ltd. Privacy Statement, as amended from time to time and located at applies to electronic communications sent from or on behalf of the NTT Ltd. Group.

Copyright notice: We own the content of our electronic communication. It is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. We reserve all rights we do not expressly grant.

Electronic communication laws: Electronic communications from or on behalf of the NTT Ltd. Group are further governed by applicable national, regional, governmental and/or federal laws relating to electronic communications.

Warranties and representations: Electronic communications from or on behalf of the NTT Ltd. Group do not, as a rule contain warranties, or representations, unless this is manifestly clear from the context. You accordingly must not rely on any purported warranty, or representation unless the electronic communication has been sent by an employee or other representative of the NTT Ltd. Group duly authorised to give warranties or make representations on behalf of the NTT Ltd. Group.

We are not responsible: The NTT Ltd. Group has taken all reasonable precautions to ensure that no malicious software (malware) is in our electronic communication to you. We recommend that you virus check all electronic communications you receive. While we use our best endeavours to prevent loss or damage to third party systems, unless applicable laws expressly provides to the contrary, we are not responsible or liable for any harm, damages, or loss (including any lost profits, business interruption, loss of programs or other data on information handling systems, or data corruption) arising from an electronic communication, including: from malicious software (malware), if someone else changes an electronic communication, for corruption of data, or any ‘denial of service’, for the non-delivery or incorrect delivery of any electronic communication, its effect on electronic devices, or its transmission in an unencrypted medium.

Information Security Policies: Our employees, contractors, representatives and consultants are subject to policies that prohibit:

  • the obscuring, suppressing, or replacing another user’s identity on an electronic communication;
  • sexual, religious, political and racial harassment;
  • profanity, obscene, offensive, derogatory or defamatory remarks;
  • ·otherwise unlawful communication via electronic communication.

The information contained in any electronic communication, any links and any attachments thereto, may contain the personal views and opinions of the sender of the electronic communication, which are not necessarily the views and opinions of the NTT Ltd. Group. Accordingly, any email breaching these provisions is sent in that sender’s personal capacity and the NTT Ltd. Group is not liable for those electronic communication.  The NTT Ltd. Group will take appropriate disciplinary action against any person breaching these provisions.