Capacity available now at our Sacramento campus, with room to grow

The three data centers on our Sacramento campus offer the largest amount of move-in ready space in California right now, making it the best option for capacity along the West Coast. From single cabinets to dedicated vaults, we can suit clients of all sizes in a market that’s less expensive and provides less environmental risk than the Bay Area.

Campus specifications

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N+1 redundancy with maintenance UPS, diverse power distribution to data hall, on-site substation, 100% green energy options available.

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Carrier-neutral, low-latency connectivity to Silicon Valley SV1, 18 Tier 1 carriers onsite, direct connection to major cloud providers.

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N+2 redundancy, chilled water system, waterside and airside economization to optimize efficiency, in-rack liquid cooling options available.

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Anticlimb fence with electronic access control system, multifactor authentication, 24/7 in-house security and operations team, 100+ real-time security feeds.

Sacramento Skyline

Why Sacramento

Sacramento offers reliable, less expensive power than Silicon Valley through our utility provider Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). SMUD also offers options for 100% green power while their base power mix contains 34% renewable energy sources.

Sacramento also offers lower or comparable rent costs to other West Coast markets including Las Vegas and Reno. And, dense fiber and robust connectivity options along with low environmental risks make Sacramento an ideal data center market while still offering close proximity to the Bay Area, less than 90 miles.

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