Global Data Centers

Third largest data center platform globally

1,700MW in 20 countries and markets

Net-zero sustainability targets by 2030

About Global Data Centers

NTT’s Global Data Centers division operates one of the largest data center platforms in the world and provides tailored, localized expertise, bringing decades of data center experience to the new age of digitization.

We provide a reliable, sustainable and secure environment for our clients’ IT infrastructure as well as connectivity solutions for high-volume data transfers between corporate networks, cloud environments and the internet.

As a neutral operator, we offer access to multiple cloud providers, internet exchanges and telecommunication network providers, including NTT's own IPv6-compliant Tier 1 Global IP Network.

Clients benefit from our tailored, localized expertise and decades of experience, and we’re routinely recognized as a leader by networking and data center analysts.

NTT Global Data Centers EMEA
We currently operate 22 data center sites through Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We offer services across 44 data centers with ±200,000m2 IT space and over 388MW available IT capacity in seven countries – Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland and the UK – with extension plans already in progress.  

The power of NTT’s platform

As a leading IT and infrastructure services company, our services extend far beyond the data center campus. By leveraging our wide range of capabilities and global reach, our clients are able to:

1. Achieve business modernization and transformation goals

2. Innovate in new ways

3. Reach new markets and find new business opportunities

London 1

Delivering reliable, secure connectivity in the London area

With 12,800m² of IT space and 32MW of critical IT load our London 1 Data Center, located in Dagenham, joins the existing data centers we currently operate in Hemel Hempstead and Slough.

  • Scalability and multiple sites for disaster recovery
  • Flexible solutions from single racks to dedicated cages and suites
  • Maximum uptime with the highest levels of physical security
  • Carrier- and cloud-neutrality
  • Access to all major carriers and cloud providers
Hemel Hempstead 1-4

Hemel Hempstead 1-4

With a maximum IT load of 52.2MW, our 5 data centers in Hemel Hempstead offer complete solutions for your IT and network systems

Our five Hemel Hempstead data centers belong to eight data centers we currently operate in Hemel Hempstead, Slough, and Dagenham. With a total of 22,100+m² of IT space and a maximum of 52.2MW of IT load, our Hemel Hempstead data centers offer complete solutions for housing your IT and network in a secure, high availability environment.

See the connection – NTT and All for One

Prepared for growth: All for One optimizes their data center architecture

Working with us, All for One moved nearly 3,000 virtual client systems to our Frankfurt 1 Data Center in 98 days with no downtime.
Slough 2 and 3

Slough 2 and 3 data centers

With 2,300+m² of IT space and a maximum of 4.9MW of IT load, our Slough data centers offer complete solutions for housing your IT and network systems in a secure, high availability environment. We provide the best possible physical and technical infrastructure supported by 2N UPS systems, N+1/2N generator backup, and highly redundant cooling systems. Our Slough data centers hold multiple certifications and are connected to major carrier hubs in the Docklands.

See the connection – NTT and matrix technologies GmbH

Secure, reliable infrastructure services

To enable their growing business matrix technology GmbH leveraged a second site in our Munich 2 Data Center to meet their high availability requirements.

Madrid 1 Data Center

With a total of 3,600m2 IT space and a maximum of 6.3MW IT load, our first data center in Spain, Madrid 1 Data Center, provides access to a vibrant community of hyperscalers, enterprises, partners and start-ups. We provide you with the best possible physical and technical infrastructure supported by 2N UPS systems, N+1 generator backup, as well as highly redundant cooling systems.

See the connection – NTT and gridscale

Always one step ahead for the German cloud with gridscale

Partnering with us, gridscale were able to support their IaaS and PaaS business model, enabling their future global expansion plans.

Digital backbone

NTT’s global platform for a secure, connected and sustainable digital future. Our hyperconnected data center infrastructure connects organizations, partners and end-users.


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Network and Connectivity Services

As a carrier-neutral data center operator, our connectivity services provide high-availability secure solutions that interconnect with your infrastructure, as well as client, partner and cloud ecosystems.

Colocation Products

From secure racks and dedicated cages to dedicated suites, we offer flexible, customizable data center solutions.

Power with flexibility and scale
With our modular construction and design approach, based on industry best-practices, you can expand your capacity and customize your data center solution to meet your organization’s needs. 

Data Center Services

Our experienced in-house team of data center experts can help you with everything from engineering and design to purchasing and ongoing maintenance of your space.

We’re here to help!

Speak with an expert about our data center solutions and discover how we can help drive your organization forward.

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