Our vision for a digital healthcare ecosystem

Is the healthcare sector ready to implement new ways to address its most common challenges? Digitalisation of health has the potential to improve health outcomes, better predict and avoid disease, and make our lives better. At NTT, we work with you to build a future-ready healthcare ecosystem by putting the patient at the center. A digital healthcare ecosystem needs to be borderless, resilient and accessible to all, seamlessly connecting people to high-quality care and creating equitable experiences and outcomes.



Combined with IoT, software-defined networks and 5G, our AI-powered solutions connect devices and automate inventory to simplify tracking and accuracy.

Enhanced support

Using AI and intelligent monitoring to predict events, we enable nurses to monitor four to six high-risk patients at a time.

Exclusive partnership

We help you to embrace new approaches like telehealth and virtual patient observation to optimise patient care.

Securing IT and OT

Using our secure-by-design approach, we can ensure that security remains consistent across both your operational technology and information technology environments.
See the connection – NTT and BovenIJ Hospital

BovenIJ’s connected-care program links in-hospital and outpatient care

Together with BovenIJ Hospital, we introduced new, connected-care programs that aim to extend further care to more people with a greater focus on data privacy, protection and security. 
See the connection – NTT and Device Technologies

Delivering better patient outcomes and innovation with hybrid IT environment

We provided Device Technologies with a platform to support business growth, using hyperconverged data center infrastructure for core services and cloud-based applications and services for other business applications.
See the connection – NTT and Hôpitaux Robert Schuman (HRS)

We’re partnering to explore 5G use cases in Luxembourg

How does 5G connectivity contribute to better healthcare? See how we worked on 5G use cases with HRS, in collaboration with the Ministry of Media and Telecommunications in Luxembourg.

We’re here to help!

We partner with organisations around the world to shape and achieve outcomes through intelligent technology solutions.

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