Ubigi eSIMs now available on Amazon.com in the US

06 March 2024

With flexible and cost-effective data plans for eSIM-compatible mobile devices, the Ubigi eSIM offers travelers fast, secure and immediate internet access in many countries – and they are now available on Amazon.com in the US.

Meeting demand for digital SIMs

An eSIM is a digital SIM card that is compatible with most recent smartphones, tablets and laptops. Users can activate a mobile data plan over the air, eliminating the need for a physical SIM card, and they can switch between eSIM profiles from different operators through their device settings.

US consumers have been quick to adopt eSIM technology since the exclusive launch of an eSIM-only version of the iPhone 14 in the US in 2022 and the eSIM-only iPhone 15 a year later, but eSIM options have been limited. The Ubigi launch on Amazon.com now makes it easy and convenient for US Amazon customers who are traveling internationally to obtain an eSIM data plan before their trip.

Ubigi, a global mobile virtual network operator, is the consumer-facing brand of Transatel, a subsidiary of the NTT Group. A pioneer in the eSIM market, Ubigi partnered with Apple and Microsoft in 2017 to offer eSIM connectivity on iOS and Windows devices. In 2020, they expanded their support to Android devices.

Transatel’s global connectivity solution also links IoT devices around the world, across cellular networks and in cost-efficient ways – for example, to support efficient fleet management by connecting vehicles.

Why eSIMs are perfect for travelers

Traveling abroad is much easier in the digital age, with access to maps, translation services, bookings, social media and more. Travelers want to use their favorite apps wherever they go.

The Ubigi eSIM is particularly useful to US travelers who can easily and conveniently install their eSIM data plans at home the day before they depart to enjoy immediate internet access as soon as they step off the plan at any airport in the world. It removes the need to search for and connect to public Wi-Fi, which carries a risk of hacking and may have low-quality signal strength – and there’s no swapping of physical SIM cards.

As a result, US travelers can retain their physical SIM card and primary number for calls and texts while using their eSIM data plan for mobile data to avoid roaming charges and save money while traveling.

And, with Ubigi, there is the added advantage of having a single eSIM that covers more than 200 destinations worldwide. There’s no need to install a different eSIM for each country.

Fully prepaid, with instant activation

A Ubigi eSIM mobile data plan is activated instantly via a QR code. Because it is fully prepaid, with app-based top-ups that don’t need a Wi-Fi connection or data credit, it allows users to control their expenses. And, they connect to the internet at close-to-local rates, which eliminates exorbitant roaming charges.

The Ubigi eSIM available on Amazon.com in the US provides 50GB of data for 30 days and must be activated within six months of purchase. It can be used in countries and regions such as the Caribbean, Japan, South Korea, the UK and Europe.

Shahid Ahmed
Executive Vice President: New Ventures and Innovation

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