Showcasing the benefits of private 5G with LyondellBasell

19 September 2023

To unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0, manufacturing leaders seek technological innovation that will enable them to shift focus from traditional business concepts to circular models, reconfiguring their offerings to meet customer demand for years to come. Providing greater efficiencies that improve employee productivity and delivering safer and more secure networks will be essential for organizations to remain innovative and competitive.

One such innovator is LyondellBasell, a leader in the global chemical industry creating solutions for everyday sustainable living. LyondellBasell develops high-quality products that solve unique needs and global challenges while helping customers advance a circular economy and a world with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

NTT was honored to participate in an Innovation Day hosted by LyondellBasell, where we shared the possibilities of our Private 5G capabilities and the critical role they will play in providing pervasive, secure and reliable connectivity to drive further value from infrastructure investments and empower their global teams with more efficient working environments.

LyondellBasell is a leader in the global chemical industry

Creating an agile and secure global network

Modernizing its infrastructure across global manufacturing facilities is critical to the LyondellBasell transformation strategy. Adopting a private 5G wireless network across its manufacturing footprint would provide a global platform for developing and delivering the digital services that enable the company's Value Enhancement Program.

NTT and our partner Celona collaborated with LyondellBasell IT and operations groups to design, architect and integrate a private 5G network within the LyondellBasell manufacturing plant network. NTT's global experience in delivering managed services will be used to deploy Celona’s enterprise-focused 5G local area network solution using an agile, flexible approach to accommodate the evolving requirements of LyondellBasell while adhering to regulatory compliance in each operating country.

“Deploying private 5G networks across our manufacturing sites provides critical connectivity that enables our digital solutions, resulting in increased operating efficiency and enhanced safety measures,” said Kathy VanLandingham, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at LyondellBasell. “Working with NTT to install secure and reliable connectivity will underpin our Value Enhancement Program and empower our global teams with better working environments.”

“Future-proofing the LyondellBasell network was a priority as we collaborated on the private 5G network to support them as the leader in the chemical industry, including their commitment to innovation, sustainability and customer service,” said Shahid Ahmed, Executive Vice President: New Ventures and Innovation at NTT. “As more organizations look to adopt Industry 4.0 applications into their manufacturing processes, private 5G networks will play a critical role in ensuring seamless and secure connectivity, no matter the location.”

Modernizing its infrastructure across global manufacturing facilities is critical to the LyondellBasell transformation strategy

Driving operational excellence through better data visibility, control and security

NTT identified three critical objectives to support the LyondellBasell transformation:

  • Provide a broad overlay of 5G connectivity across all manufacturing sites globally
  • Achieve operational excellence through better data visibility, control and security
  • Leverage the connectivity solution to support the company’s Value Enhancement Program

Once deployed, NTT's Private 5G network will provide LyondellBasell sites with cost-effective, reliable, and improved connectivity across the company's global footprint. Initial use cases under consideration include:

  • Improving employee productivity through reliable and pervasive communications in outdoor locations
  • Reducing costs for emergency communications using push-to-talk applications
  • Achieving better safety in the workplace and contributing to company-wide ESG initiatives
  • Advancing operational excellence through better data visibility, control and security

Future-proofing with Private 5G

Looking ahead, NTT’s Private 5G is one of the cornerstones of modernization that LyondellBasell will leverage to achieve its strategic goals. The transformative power of private 5G networks positions organizations to meet the challenges of tomorrow, today.

Media contact:

Lori Bosio
External Communications, NTT Ltd.

For more information, download NTT’s 2023 Edge Advantage Report and learn how industry pioneers leverage private 5G to gain a competitive edge.